Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It should come as no surprise that the mighty conservative right are reduced to the stink of piddle when confronted by opposing views. The carefully starched, pleated and doubled standards they operate by are nakedly exposed in the gale of tears and whining put forth by incessant attention whore Ezra Levant and visiting beard, the skellatrix Coulter, in the wake of their cancelled gathering in Ottawa. They are simply too delicate and weak of constitution to take their own brand of medicine. Where are the howls of outrage from these quivering babies when they witness the misbehaviours of their fellow travellers? Well there are none. Over the last months we've seen them invade townhall meetings and shut them down with endless racket and disruption. They hurled invective at the disabled and plot to suppress speech as a standard play in their manual of dirty tricks. They've stood by the divine right of their ilk to protest their president with guns strapped to their bodies. Their threats of violence are open and implicit, their acts coarse and intimidating and none are supposed to question them. And here comes Coulter and the circus of ninnies, Ezra and Kathy, full of bluster and bile but only too ready to fold up and whimper at a polite note of warning and a few cross words of protest.

The video from Crooks & Liars is a case in point, go to about the 5 minute mark. If you've never experienced one of these professional grade megaphones up close, let me assure you there's a good reason that there are warnings about proximity and direction. They can cause real pain and real hearing damage. The upstanding conservatives see nothing wrong with stalking a reporter through a crowd and repeatedly jamming this device in her face. Nothing near this level of direct intimidation took place in Ottawa. The fire alarm was a stupid and unnecessary stunt, regardless of who pulled it. But it really would be nice if the weeping Ezras took their medicine with a modicum of grace.


KEvron said...

i have this rule: don't get mad on the internets.

5 minute mark has left me quaking with rage. not one person was willing to come to that lady's aid.

more rightwing civility.


Rev.Paperboy said...

Lindsay, "The Weeping Ezras" would be a great name for your next back-up band. I bet Warren Kinsella would offer to underwrite your next recording project if you used that name.