Friday, March 19, 2010

Conservative ministers behaving assholishly.

Oh, for fuck's sake. Are there any actual grownups in that party?

P.S. What we desperately need is someone who surreptitiously video'ed the whole thing on their mobile phone. Oh, man, the entertainment value ...

BY THE WAY, do you know what the most revealing part of this whole ugly episode was? It's not Blackburn's ignorance in not knowing federal airline law. It's not even his angry petulance in arguing about losing his booze. No, it was the incredibly infantile behaviour in demanding that someone discard the tequila in front of him.

Really, how childish do you have to be to finally understand that you're not taking your liquor on board, so you might as well pour it out so no one else will get it? I'm guessing that most people who aren't insufferable assholes (read: Conservatives and Blogging Tories) would simply accept that they screwed up, turn to some random person coming out of the gate area and say, "Yo, here you go. Happy Tequila Day! Enjoy!"

That's what I'd do. But, then again, I don't live my life with the attitude of, "Well, if I can't have it, nobody else can." In short, I'm not that kind of intellectually childish douchebag.


Anonymous said...

What is really saddening, is that these clowns will outright lie and the Canadian population usually says "oh that's okay".

We have:
Sources told CTV News the argument became so heated, security almost called the police.
But his office says:
"Security confiscated a bottle of alcohol. He could not get the bottle back ... He respected that rule."
One senior government official insisted that Blackburn did not lose his temper.

Now, we should ask why this buffoon felt the need to carry tequila on the plane...

sooey said...

You don't get to be political staff by being a good person.

Shiner said...

Dear God, if you could find it in your infinite wisdom to place a kilo of cocaine stuffed in condoms in Rob Nicholson's stomach before disembarking a plane in Ottawa, I might consider going to Church again.

Brian Busby said...

One would think that a person who flies so much would be very familiar with the rules. So, how to explain the minister's behaviour? A sense of entitlement, perhaps?

First, Mr Blackburn asks security officers to favour him by holding the bottle for him; then he insults them by insisting that they empty the contents in front of them. The implication is clear: the minister believes that the officers in question will break their own rules by downing his precious booze. Incredible!

Shiner said...

I could be wrong, but wasn't the rule brought in in 2006, months after the Conservatives formed government? So it's not so much how much he flies, but the fact that his government is responsible for the measure!

Metro said...

"If I can't have it, nobody else can!" is the founding principle behing today's "Refor--" no, wait, I mean "Alli--," no hang on, it's "Conservative" Party.

Reform resented all their generously donated taxes going to people on welfare and EI, to Natives, artists, and the undeserving sick, and so they set out to do something about it, in much the same way the KKK decided to address racial imbalance in the Ol' South, and with similar intent.

They're a party of grudge.

Luna said...

Shiner, that is the best prayer of petition I have heard in weeks! :)

Gallahad said...

A conservative cabinet minister acting like an asshole.

Will the wonders ever cease?

Oemissions said...

Make a mountain out of these little
moles and their hills.
These people, Canadians allow to run our government???

Shiner said...

Luna, I went to Catholic highschool doncha know!