Wednesday, March 17, 2010


During which Blogging Tory Paul makes a total buttplug of himself, while Jeff Jedras slowly and methodically disembowels him in his own comments section.

And that's how journamalism is done.

, Paul, spelling Helena's last name as "Geurgis" rather than correctly as "Guergis" makes you look like an ignorant tool. I'm just sayin'.

UNSURPRISINGLY, even though Blogging Tory "Paul" starts to realize he was being an irresponsible douchebag and begins tap-dancing furiously, you will see no public retraction or apology to Jeff Jedras anywhere on his blog. That's because he's a Blogging Tory. I trust that requires no further explanation.


Gallahad said...

Well Folks

We could sit here for an eternity discussing the stupidity of the BTs.

Even then I don't think we would have enough time.

Those individuals, are truly despicable.

Hey I won't spoil their fun, if they like to make fools of themselves on a daily basis, who am I to stop it.

They do disgust, revolt, and infuriate on a daily basis.

I guess that is their sole purpose in life.

I do despise them.

CC said...

"We could sit here for an eternity discussing the stupidity of the BTs."

You're new here, right?

Ti-Guy said...

They sicken me. Especially the degree of whininess they resort to whenever anyone pulls something only a tenth as egregious as what they've been doing to their adversaries for years. They vilify, defame and lie about their adversaries on an hourly basis and only retract and apologise under penalty of death...or when their behaviour becomes too disgusting for their own constituency.

But dare to even question the previously entirely-unsupported claim that Helena Guergis has a graduate degree and the vierges offensées start howling.

I despise these people.

Gallahad said...


Pretty new

I am enjoying it immensely.

Keep up the good work.

Jennifer Smith said...

Hahaha! The original post has mysteriously vanished!