Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dear bocanut: Let's talk about stalking.

A blogging colleague yesterday dropped me a note, claiming that he'd just received an e-mail from one "bocanut," containing said colleague's actual, physical address and asking if that was really him. That's just plain creepy, bocanut, and you should seriously consider whether that's a road down which you wish to travel.

Oh, by the way, this is bocanut. He's single and looking. Apparently, being a creepy, obsessive stalker is considered attractive in Alberta.

A single line, if you would, ladies. No shoving.


deBeauxOs said...

Let's see what bocanut has on offer.

Smarts: N/A

That seems correct.

double nickel said...

Perhaps Boca is finally "coming out" as they say.

Gallahad said...

Maybe he is "coming out"

He does have mental problems.

I personally think, he is desperately dateless.

Neither sex finds him attractive.

MgS said...

The shoving is everyone heading for the doors ... starting with the ladies ...

Dave said...

I'm stunned that he isn't flooded with "first date" requests to go bowling.

bocanut said...

Thanks CC for confirming 411 Canada has your buddy's mailing address right,saves a lot of time and money.

double nickel said...

Fuck off boca.

CC said...

Is that how you try to get most of your dates, bocanut? Calling up prospects you've never met and announcing in a low and sinister voice that you know where they live and there's no point in trying to run?

I think I see the problem with your strategy, boca. I can guess that the phrase "restraining order" figures prominently.

Dr.Dawg said...

Here is Bocanut's full message to me:

Is this your mailing address
53 Simcoe St
Ottawa, ON K1S 1A3

Amazing sleuth-work, eh? That info--widely available, no need to hide it here or anywhere else--is available with about 10 seconds' worth of clicks for most folks, but for the Nut is probably took a day or so.

So what Robert reported is entirely correct. And I found that message a little creepy too, although it worries me not at all.

Now he's making noises about suing me, and I eagerly await his Statement of Claim.

bocanut said...

Did your buddy tell you that I called him on the phone?

CC said...

No, he just said you contacted him. I drew the wrong conclusion. I stand corrected. And you're still a creepy stalker. You think women are into that?

Moon Rattled said...

How many women are buried in his basement?


Gallahad said...

How many women are buried in his backyard?

Double Yuck...........

Ti-Guy said...

Did your buddy tell you that I called him on the phone?

Mark my words, ten years from now, you'll need a license to drive on the information superhighway.

Thanks to loonies like Boca. And I mean that sincerely.

CC said...

By the way, you can keep calling him "bocanut," or you can refer to him by his real name, Bo Demchuk. Either way works for me, but using his real name might give more of a heads-up to the unfortunate women in his sights.

Frank Frink said...

Great. So I think I should start referring to him as 'Bo Peep'. Sounds appropriately stalker-ish.

bocanut said...

Congratulations CC!
Admitting errors is very rare for delusional narcissists,who knows with time and some professional help one day you might come close to becoming a decent human being.
Good Luck!

Ti-Guy said...

You are too old to behaving this way, Mr. Bo Demchuk.

Far too old.

CK said...

Hey Bocanut! Here's a tip. Mustaches are no longer in vogue and neither are loud Hawaiian shirts that are too snug around the mid-section!

And for the love of Gawd, most just shouldn't wear shorts! Hide those pasty legs now in long pants.


CK said...

My Gawd! A Stalker in ill-fitting clothes and a squirrel permanently lodged under his nose who spends his days on Canada 411....Oh yeah! What a catch!

It must really suck to be him.

Gallahad said...

For goodness sake.

Looking at that lot, is enough to make you lose your dinner.

Bocanut seriously I can almost feel your pain.

I wouldn't hang around the phone waiting for it to ring, if I was you.

Plan to be dateless forever.

I guess the stalking continues.

CK said...

Sir Gallahad, I guess the stalking continues.

Shouldn't say things like that, don't encourage him! Yucckkk!! Sooo Creepy!

Gallahad said...


My apologies to you.

Bocanut is creepy

Looking at that, almost made me lose my dinner.

He is creepy, and disgusting.

I honestly don't think he needs any encouragement.

I hope he takes a hint, and figures out women just aren't that into him.

CK said...

Sir Gallahad: Looking at that, almost made me lose my dinner.

Ha! I'll say this though, if my weight problem were simple to correct (it's not unfortunately, thyroid issues), by dieting, I would print up that picture of Bocanut and tape it to my fridge. You know, like the way some tape pictures of pigs on their fridges and/or pantries?

Dizzlski said...

So, what's wrong with grown men wearing shorts?

Gallahad said...


It isn't his weight I was taking issue with.

There are a lot of people who have weight issues.

There is nothing wrong with that, no one is perfect.

Please don't misunderstand me, it has nothing to do with weight or appearance.

I just take issue with the whole Bocanut, persona.

I understand why women are just not that into him.

CK said...

Oh No Sir Gallahad, you misunderstood. I meant that he looks soooooo unapealing in every sensee word that looking at a picture of him could make us lose our lunch. Thus, if we had that on the fridge, We just won't feel like eating; his pic cut our apetite.

Dizzlski: Nothing if you can pull it off most of us, including your's truly simply can't is all and therefore shouldn't.

Gallahad said...


My apologies again.

Yes that whole package is unappealing.

Your point is well taken.

Hopefully, Bocanut can sign up for some self improvement classes.

Women (and men) don't want to be stalked by the likes of that.

bocanut said...

Bi-Guy,you're far too young to be wasting your time trying to diss an old man on a Saturday night and far too old to still be playing follow my leader.
Try very hard to initiate an independent idea in that addled mind of yours and hopefully when that Herculean task is accomplished you might try getting a life.
FYI -the Algonquin Round table was not a picnic bench in an Ontario park.

Dr.Dawg said...

OK, I think we're done with Demchuk. Next: Neo.

The Seer said...

Frank Frick wins the thread. Henceforth, we must call him "Bo Peep."

wv: destio

KEvron said...

"frink", seer.