Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easy there, big fella.

Over at Stephen Taylor's House of Perpetual Dumbth, Canada's Official Jew Ezra Levant can barely contain the excitement in his Incredible Hulk Underoos:

I am, of course, moderately curious as to why someone who publicly promoted the killing of New York Times employees, suggested joked that someone poison a sitting Supreme Court Justice, and encouraged the idea of international assassination isn't considered a security risk and barred from entering the country.

Oh, right, she's a conservative. Apparently, they play by a different set of rules.

THE ADULATION IS UNDERSTANDABLE: Actually, it's easy to see why Ezra is so fond of Ann Coulter -- the commonality of painful ignorance:

That really is one dumb broad.

HEH. Commenter Ti-Guy reminds us that Ann Coulter has nothing against Jews, she just wishes they'd hurry up and finish growing up into proper Christians. Someone should really ask her about that if there's a Q/A session. Especially if Ezra's within earshot.


Ti-Guy said...

Scum seeks its own level.

I love how the pig Ezra goes out his way to mention the cunt Coulter's "kind words about him."

Did she deem you a "perfected Jew," Ezzie?. Did she get you to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour to spare you from the fate (the truly final solution) her kind of Christian believes will befall all Jews?

Zeno said...

I fear for Coulter's immortal soul. Little Miss Family Values had better hurry if she's going to obey God's command to "go forth and multiply." The biological clock is ticking and the poor thing is turning into an old maid.

Metro said...

You know, I hate Coulter with all the passion she reserves for anyone to the left of ... Well I don't want to drag Hitler into this so let's use Mike Savage.

But Canada HAD troops in Vietnam. Not "combat" troops--A core of military engineers and "advisers," some before the US got in, some after, and a few during.

They weren't supposed to be there to fight, and most of them were there under UN auspices, officially. But they were there.

Among others, my neighbour back when I was working on a base in BC had been there. Until I met him I had no idea that we'd ever contributed so much as a can of green paint.

So while Coulter is hideously wrong in what she intends to say (that Canada sent combat troops to fight alongside the US), she's unintentionally right.

See also: "broken clock."

Andrew Lawton said...

Sheesh, at least listen to the interview I did with her before you comment on it guys.