Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ezra Levant: Dishonest as usual.

Holy Christ, but Ezra Levant is a sleazy little douchebag. Here's Ezra, whining piteously in the pages of the Ottawa Citizen (all emphasis added):

It was not anti-Coulter hate that shut down her speech at U of O. Hate is a human emotion, not an action. Nor was it mere hateful words. Words can be noisy, but they can only hurt feelings. Rather, it was the assessment of police, campus security and Coulter's own bodyguard that there was too much physical danger to Coulter and the audience to proceed. As Ottawa Police Sgt. Dan Beauchamp said, "it's a public safety issue."

Wow, that sounds sinister ... until you read the actual position of Ottawa police, as reported in the Vancouver Sun:

Ottawa police spokesperson Alain Boucher said the police did not shut down the event, but said a different venue was needed to hold the crowd of around 1,500 people.

"We strongly suggested that this venue was not large enough to accommodate all the people that had attended," he said. "We had safety concerns with the sheer number of people that were there...with different views on issues."

In short, the concern of Ottawa police was not potential violence from unruly protesters, but simply that the room Ezra and his fellow dingbats had booked was too small.

In short, Ezra is lying. Again. Try not to look surprised.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I seriously loves me some Google blog search:

Is that adorable or what?

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JimBobby said...

Whooee! BS piled on BS. Why would the UO ConClub book a room with a 175 seat capacity?

Common practice... Last summer, I held a public meeting and had to rent space. I expected about 60-80 people and was given a choice of a 50-seat room or a 150 seat room. I took the small room and the 75 who showed up were overflowing out into the corridor. Next day, the local rag reported a big turnout. If them same 75 citizens had been sittin' in a 150-seat room, the press woulda called it a sparse crowd.

Also, I been to a few conferences at UT and had the venue changed to a larger room at the last minute for evening events when more than expected showed up. I betcha there was plenty of alternative larger rooms Coulter coulda got with a coupla phone calls.

PR, pure and simple... it pretty worked beautifully and they got most average news consumers thinkin' a rabble of intolerant lefty university students threw up the barricades.

Speakin' of throwin' up, I generally avert my eyeballs from AC. Toxic, sez I.