Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The embarrassing history of Ezra Levant.

While Ezra is currently running his mouth non-stop, bitching and whining about censorship, perhaps one of those media people can get in a question edgewise and ask Ezra about this:

[British MP George] Galloway is not a Canadian citizen; he does not have a right to come to Canada (nor any other rights guaranteed to our citizens). He would be a guest, and he is being turned away for security reasons...

I don't see this as a free speech issue; I see it as a sovereignty issue -- keeping out an undesirable foreigner who has no right to be here, and who boasts about violating our criminal code.

Good riddance...

... my main point is that Galloway has no "right" to come to Canada. He's not Canadian.

I'm all for his free speech -- elsewhere.

Yeah, if someone could ask Ezra about that, that would be just ducky.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh, man, that's gotta be awkward:

CTV's Daniele Hamamdjian said "a combination of overcapacity and utter disorganization" contributed to the collapse of the event.

Prior to the cancellation, Hamamdjian said only a small number of students were tasked with verifying the names of the people who had signed up to attend Coulter's talk.

"It was a disaster in terms of just organization, which is probably one of the reasons why it was cancelled," Hamamdjian told CTV News Channel from Ottawa on Wednesday morning.

Police eventually showed up to the scene and blocked the door to the building, but Hamamdjian said she doubted whether the combination of protesters and disorganization actually constituted "a physical risk to Ann Coulter."

Don't hate them because they're repressed. Hate them because they're incompetent dumbshits.


Cliff said...

Then there's Coulter's own words on the sanctity of free speech:

"They're [Democrats] always accusing us of repressing their speech. I say let's do it. Let's repress them. Frankly, I'm not a big fan of the First Amendment."

Except when it's her being 'repressed'.

Ti-Guy said...

While Ezra is currently running his mouth non-stop, bitching and whining about censorship, perhaps one of those media people

The only people he talks to in the media are people who don't ask him challenging questions. Those who do end up being vilified and defamed by him and have thus ceased trying.

You can see why MacLean's handed this to his bum-buddy, Colby Cosh.

And the rest of get suckered into it, over and over again.

Niles said...

"Calgary's a very tolerant city" says Ezra. I can hope the local anti-fa turn out for her like they did for the 'free speech' of the Aryan Guard, but it is on campus property so they might have to work around that.

Or not, given that the local fetus worshippers don't mind trespassing on school property and visually assaulting the campus, whatever the law. But I'm sure that the law is different for them.

I don't know why they keep saying it's an issue of free speech. Coulter wouldn't be up here talking if she wasn't getting paid to perform, even *if* the venues are the 'borscht belt' crowd compared to what she used to pull for crowds. Bet she's being paid in US dollars though, although at the moment, that's nearly par.

I'm so proud that she said this kind of student protest has never happened to her before. Canada first! Canada first! But Ezra certainly is on about the double standard. She should have free speech, but the protestors shouldn't? They're acting in bad taste and vulgarity and she's the wounded temple maiden of all that is good and white, I mean right, I mean...well, from what they say, I mean their definition of good that five minute period.

Like most predators, Coulter seems to be drifting to where the available prey is. These northern con flockers are definitely smaller, but I don't hold out hope they're any more alert than their southern cousins. I just don't want them overtaking the local range. Their kind eat everything down to the grassroots and then blame browsers. (yeah, it's an oblique joke)

vw: urcaphr, which I read as ur-kafir. If Ann thinks, as a public woman, she's anything but a useful remora eating crap off master shark kills until she gets in the way of a feeding frenzy, she's kidding herself.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm so proud that she said this kind of student protest has never happened to her before.

She's probably lying. I mean, when isn't she *not* lying?

I don't think this brouhaha would even make the local news in the US. After all, no one was shot or tased.