Thursday, March 25, 2010

If you want to sue Ezra Levant, you'll have to stand in line.

Shocked, I am! Well, not really.

After all of Ezra Levant's screeching, panty yanking and pearl clutching, it would appear that Ann Coulter's aborted presentation at the U of Ottawa was a MASSIVE con job -- no legitimate threats of death or violence, no unruly mob, no physical danger to Coulter and, in the end, it appears to have been Ezra himself who called the whole thing off. Not the Ottawa police, not the university ... Ezra.

Which leads me to suggest that if I was fairly high up the food chain at either the Ottawa police or the university, I might be combing through all of Ezra's hysterical bleatings from the last several days, and enumerating the grounds for a defamation suit. Because Ezra, quite simply, has a bad habit (as we have previously established here at CC HQ) of making shit up. And if Ezra is now claiming that it was either the police or the university that made the decision to cancel Coulter's presentation, then all the evidence suggests that he's lying.

In any event, given Ezra's talent for sleazy confabulation, it seems only proper that anyone feeling defamed by Ezra lately might want to have a quiet chat with their lawyer. At least for the entertainment value.

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