Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear U of Calgary: Brace yourself.

Yes, yes, I really have other things I should be doing, but this is just too precious. Why things went horribly, horribly wrong at the U of Ottawa:

Ottawa police spokesperson Alain Boucher said the police did not shut down the event, but said a different venue was needed to hold the crowd of around 1,500 people.

"We strongly suggested that this venue [which reportedly could hold 400] was not large enough to accommodate all the people that had attended," he said. "We had safety concerns with the sheer number of people that were there...with different views on issues."

No problem, Ezra and his fellow geniuses are on the job, and they won't allow that kind of mind-numbing stupidity to happen again, right?

CALGARY -- The University of Calgary is increasing security for U.S. commentator Ann Coulter's visit on Thursday in light of the raucous demonstrations at the controversial right wing pundit's cancelled speech in Ottawa Tuesday.

Security will be "significantly augmented," university provost Alan Harrison said Wednesday.

The university isn't hosting the event, but is providing the venue. Extra costs will be billed to the organizers, Harrison said. The venue has seating for about 400.

Honestly, those people are like puppies with a ball and a blanket. Once you hide the ball, it's like it never existed.

: Canada's Official Jew speaks:

Due to huge demand, the venue has been moved to the Red and White Club, at McMahon Stadium at the University of Calgary. Doors open at 7 p.m. It's a much larger venue than the science theatre that had been previously booked.

So let's see if Coulter is any more prepared to engage in actual intellectual discourse this time, or whether she'll tell Muslims that they can just go ride a camel.


MgS said...

As long as the discourse is at her level, she'll be fine.

With Levant, Chandler and other members of Calgary's lunatic right present, I'm sure it will be quite a tame audience.

Shiner said...

As long as the discourse is at her level, she'll be fine.

It's the "University" of Calgary, no fear there. I hear it was all very civil and well-received.

Holly Stick said...

Ummm... it hasn't happened there yet.

Niles said...

Yeah, Holly, I was puzzled by the tense on that comment as well.

Metro News has her as the front page above the fold piece with photo this morning.

The Red and White Club is officially UofC land, but it's attached to the CFL football stadium, so there's lots of parking for people wanting to show up, yet still close enough to the main campus for walking.

Coulter has her publicity, and she's stroking Calgary big time. "I've heard that (Calgary is a more conservative city). Already I feel safer and look at how nice all of you are." Ann purred in the article. She also added in response to concerns she would be promoting hate in her talk, "Hatemongering? I might fly a plane into a building."

I wonder if she means she wants to attack the Revenue Canada building like the guy in Texas did the IRS. I'm suspecting not, but sadly, no follow up to that response.

At least the Metro piece rightfully cites the Organizers being the ones who cancelled the Ottawa date. I suspect she'll show up to the Calgary venue whatever show her steely resolve...and that she's likely getting paid more by bigger investors in the heartland of Canadian Coulter worship.