Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mandatory Viewing

Here is a small part of Robert Fowler's speech to the Canada 150 conference. This is the voice of reality in this time, no simple platitudes, no greedy business agendas hiding behind policy, this is a man who has seen the worst of things first hand and returned to report honestly and in stark terms. The Liberals were damned lucky he saw fit to address their spineless party. His message is ignored at the peril of our nation. I'll join the eminent Dr. Dawg in calling for a draft Fowler movement, this country needs public servants of his candor and courage.


Anonymous said...

How long until he starts to be attacked from all sides?

Ti-Guy said...

How long until he starts to be attacked from all sides?

Andrew Coyne

"Just an appalling speech by Fowler: the Jews control our foreign policy, defeatism in Afghanistan, anybody who disagrees with him is venal"

If you want to know just what the Liberals are up against, check out this thread at MacLean's.

Lindsay Stewart said...

well i have to give the liberals credit for opening the floor to opinions and ideas that mightn't be comfortable despite there being no political will to make the hard choices. that maclean's thread is full of people from both sides licking their own bits. blinkered twits like coyne are just following their rudimentary programming.

Ti-Guy said...

that maclean's thread is full of people from both sides licking their own bits.

I don't understand what this means.

What concerns me in that thread are the sources the Right is able draw on to refute or dismiss categorically what Fowler argued.

That's what Liberals have to deal with.

Lindsay Stewart said...

i saw a bunch of denials, a reference to a harvard paper and a lot of rhetoric. if someone at the liberal's shindig stated that the sky was blue they'd scream azure at the top of their lungs. fowler was expressing opinions based on his knowledge, lots of people have contrary opinions.

CK said...

And the Cons don't pander to the Jewish voters? Remember those 10 percenters Harpercons sent out portraying the Liberals as anti-Semitic and Irwin Cotler pretty much as an "UNcle Tom"?

If one saw that very same speech: Fowler didn't exactly give a ringing endorsement to the Harpercons, neither. Think Steve ain't goin' to dismiss that?

What I'm not getting is progressives who are blogging about Fowler's slamming the Liberals are also failing to mention that he was also less than flattering to the Conservatives.

Lindsay Stewart said...

CK, I am not aiming solely at the Liberals and by no means am I giving the Cons a pass. Yes I am very critical of the Liberal party, its leader and its lack of an agenda beyond regaining power. But I have been clear over time that neither of the major parties are worth spitting on. I don't give a toss about gotchas. Harper is a tin pot authoritarian with delusions of grandeur. He's a petty narcissist and a tone deaf boob. But the fact is that when discussing the Liberals, I don't need to preface my criticisms by restating that ad infinitum. If I write about a Conservative meet up, I don't need to spend time reminding readers that Iggy is a self serving douchebag that I don't trust as far as I can throw Mike Duffy.

So in my post, when I say "His message is ignored at the peril of our nation." I am not commenting in a partisan manner. Both the fucking useless Liberals and the fucking useless Conservatives should be heeding this fellow's words. I have no love for either leader. I think they're both contemptible and corruptible panderers interested in their own glory at the sake of the country. I don't think there's much of a difference between the parties. Both are focused on the agenda of their own power and importance at the expense of this country.

I am very concerned about the socially reactionary elements in the Harper government, the lunatic religious freaks and dullards like Stockwell. I am no less concerned about the christers polluting the Liberal caucus and hanging their votes on the wrong side of progress to the detriment of the country, our national reputation and more important, to the health of those we might otherwise help around the world. Both parties are undermined by zealots and fundie whackos.

Which brings us to the crux of things. The lesser of evils issue. Do I support Ignatieff and the Liberals I don't believe in because they are an increment to the left of the Cons? Do I support Ignatieff whom I utterly distrust over Harper whom I distrust and who might be harbouring an even more dire socon agenda? My heart tells me that Ignatieff has not and will not win the trust of the Canadian voting public, that he will not defeat Stephen Harper. My gut tells me that the Liberal party has sunk into a mire of inconsequential vacuity. They have neither a direction nor leadership, they are a husk of party. All skin, no sausage.

Between these two poles, every vote is a wasted vote, every vote is essentially thrown into the garbage. So my preference is not to have Harper as PM, the dude does frighten me. But I don't see Iggy beating him and I don't want him as PM either. It is time for the Liberal Party to close up shop. It is time for their failure to serve as an opposition to cease. They don't deserve to exist if they can not fulfill that basic role through this time when the country needs an effective opposition. Their agenda is broken and their reputation is trashed. Prolonging the agony doesn't help. I will not hold my nose and vote for either of these parties. I won't vote for the occasional ethics of Mr Layton and the largely useless NDP. I suspect that I am not alone, not by a long stretch, as a voter who has no where to cast a vote in good conscience. We need a new option now. We don't have the luxury of waiting for these two creeps to screw things up even worse that they have. But by all means, the boat is sinking, hang on to that anchor.