Saturday, March 20, 2010

The joy of journamalism!

Whoopsie! Heh. (Figure it out.)

DOUBLE HEH. As commenter Chris points out, Blogging Tory "Paul" is having a bad week when it comes to defaming people on the Intertoobz and getting spanked for it.

These really are hopelessly stupid people, are they not?

BONUS RETARDEDNESS: Who else but Brenda/"Hunter" could suggest something this moronic in the comments section there?

Ah...the threat of legal action ... It seems lots of lefties use the threat of legal action knowing that the average blogger is just someone trying to get their opinions out to the public. Look at what they are doing to Ezra Levant.

Conversely, one could word that, "It seems lots of righties are so mind-numbingly, nad-crushingly stupid that they frequently bring the threats of legal action upon themselves."

Yes, that reads so much better, does it not?


chris said...

Dan McTeague has more than a few words for Paul.
One must, i guess, begrudge Paul credit for posting McTeague's letter.

Anonymous said...

Paul likely shat himself knowing full well he was wrong.

They are not only stupid, they are like children who try the pass the most egregious lies...

Even when having his ass spanked, he tries to be all manly...

You know what Paul, I'm pretty sure that Jaffer got off rather easy and that cunt of a wife likely does coke with him. In a Conservative world, husband and wife are usually in unison...

deBeauxOs said...

I just left a comment, in response to Hunter's inane observation.

Deborah Grey on Helena Guergis: "We can't give ourselves permission to lose control and have a hissy fit at an airport or wherever, in the House of Commons, because it will come back to bite us."

Will Paul post it?

Ti-Guy said...

He's still defaming people:

"And yet McTeagues Liberal party members seem to have him convicted of cocaine possession."

These people are hopeless. They need to be sued right onto the street. After that, real change will come.