Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I need a word more demeaning than "retarded."

A disturbing peek into the finely-honed intellect that is today's Canadian conservative:

Liberals: So You Wanna Save Taxpayers $10 Million? But What About...

...the Taxpayer subsidy for political parties, valued at $30 million?

Or we could save even more money by not arbitrarily calling $300 million federal elections in defiance of one's own fixed election dates legislation. It's just a thought.


sooey said...

We were rolling in money before Stephen Harper became Prime Minister and that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

I need a word more demeaning than "retarded"
How about "conservatives"?

Hinchey's Store said...

AWWW! Thanks Canadian Cynic! I'm so glad you did a post about me - if it bothers you enough to post about it, I must be doing something right! Thanks for the traffic.

...And by the way, I prefer 'mentally challenged' to 'retarded' but you go ahead and use your words! You're getting better at it!

Shiner said...

Why so delicate Hinchey? Would have thought Conservatives needed a bit more gumption considering they spend their lives bent over.

double nickel said...

Well, he's trying to type and educate the "Iceman" all at the same time, so I guess we can't expect perfectly logical arguments.

Anonymous said...

Notice that Hinchey's Store never addresses the question - he prefer to deflect...

So how does Harper's baby gravy taste to you?

CC said...

Dear Hinchey:

The fact that I mock you doesn't mean that I want to engage you intellectually or that I am the slightest bit interested in your opinion. Let me disabuse you of that notion.

Now go away -- the grownups are trying to talk.

Naked Ape said...

While we are on the topic of extreme shifts in party financing and taxes, how about simply canceling the tax deduction for political donations?

Does anyone have an idea about how many tax dollars are 'lost' by making political donations deductible?

I mean why just look at one side of the party financing / taxation coin... When the Conservative Reform Alliance Party realizes how much more cash they could have in the kitty I am sure they will be all over this idea as well.

Ti-Guy said...

This is why Conservatives bankrupt us, each and every time. They're not interested in making cuts EVERYONE might approve of. The 10-percenter waste of millions of dollars is a case in point. Conservative ridings don't even get them. Indeed, in my riding, which has a Liberal MP, the mailings are so finely targeted that particular neighbourhoods that are likely more Conservative, don't get them. So they wouldn't even notice if they disappeared.

But it doesn't matter anyway. Conservatives will expend all their emotional and intellectual energy (of which they have little to spare) over nickels and dimes just to stick it to people they don't like while ignoring actual fiscal discipline.

Hinchey's Store said...

CC - I'm not delusional. I know you're posting about me because you don't agree, and you think I'm 'retarded.'

Thanks for not blocking me yet.

And the conversation can now return to the grown up level it was at before I sullied your blog space with my presence.

Don't worry - this is your space, and you can have it. It was just nice to see more traffic, so I thought I'd let you know...

Have a good afternoon guys!

CC said...

You know, Hinch, that whole Blogging Tory "Sure, I look retarded in front of the whole world, but thanks for all the traffic, HAHA!!" shtick is getting really old. Seriously, any self-respecting six-year-old would be embarrassed to use a comeback that lame.

That's why we don't bother to engage you yobs intellectually. What's the fun in arguing with six-year-olds?

Cameron Campbell said...

You know, this is one of the only reasons that I wish you'd dial back the (for lack of a better term) name calling: it gives them something to talk about and wiggle room (in their minds) to ignore the point.

Because your point was a good one, and mb would have been better minus "retarded"...

That said, I enjoy the name calling.

Conflicted I am.

Gallahad said...

Yes indeed,

We had balanced budgets, and international respect before Harper became PM.

We had a better class of people running things as well.

As for Hinchey there, don't insult the six year olds, his blog is more on the level of a two year old.

He is as useless and RETARDED as all BTs are.

Him, Iceman, and Canadian Sense, are all well lets use the delicate term as not to upset Hinchey, Mentally Challenged

Ti-Guy said...

You know, this is one of the only reasons that I wish you'd dial back the (for lack of a better term) name calling: it gives them something to talk about and wiggle room (in their minds) to ignore the point.

Doesn't matter. They'll ignore the point, no matter how patiently and temperately you put it.

Look at poor Ted Betts over there at Hinch's blog, trying and failing, over and over again to have adult conservations with them. Sure, they'll agree with him now, but two days later, they'll go back to saying the exact same things.

Got another ten-percenter yesterday, after a brief respite (this one courtesy of that noble patrician Peter Kent). Did you know that that bitch Ignatieff is just "in it for himself?" That the Yankee-lover doesn't care about *real Canadians*? That that backstabbing bastard signed onto to a backroom deal to form a coalition with the NDP (evil!) and the BQ (eeeevillll!!!)?

It's even formatted with handwritten scrawl and multiple underlines to make sure I don't miss the point.

Gosh, I'm so glad I'm paying my government to keep me abreast of such vital information.

...makes me feel like taking a little walk over to the Bridle Path this evening and shoving the thing down the throat of the first (white) person I see.

KEvron said...

"that whole Blogging Tory.... shtick is getting really old."

it's gotten to the point that it's predictable: cc's roasts another weenie, said weenie dons his bravado and tries to sell us on his "additional traffic".

nobody's buying, weenies.


Cameron Campbell said...

Ti-Guy, I know, it's just that I have this stupid, naive hope that if you expose the stupid blatantly, and give them no excuses to be distracted, then other, reasonable, non-politics geeks like us will notice.

It's a faint, vain hope, but a hope none the less.

Unknown said...
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double nickel said...

Fuck off Wayne.

CC said...

Yes, Wayne, and while you're fucking off, don't forget to, you know, fuck off.

Ti-Guy said...

It's a faint, vain hope, but a hope none the less.

After seven-eight years of seeing the stupidity simply migrate to another issue after it's been exposed, I have given up hope.

The problem isn't simply because these people are stupid or ignorant. They really are bad people.

liberal supporter said...

Anyone who thanks you for the traffic must be one of the rubes who took the "how to make money fast online" course. They were taught the four easy steps. It's quite simple:

1) Sign up for AdSense
2) Create an online presence (i.e. start a blog)
3) Provide compelling content to gain traffic.
4) Rake in the dough.

But of course "compelling content" is not just another check box. If you can provide compelling ocntent, you don't need to do any of the other steps, the world will beat a path to you door anyway.

But any indication that the 4 step plan is working is always welcomed, kind of like a day when everyone is not laughing at the BTs is proof they are taken seriously.

Cameron Campbell said...

I don't even know what Wayne said, but I want him to fuck off.

Ti-Guy, I guess I'm still hoping against hope that the real conservatives will come back from wherever they are being held captive

Lindsay Stewart said...

wayne is what happens long after a child takes a terrible blow to the noggin

CC said...

Stephen Fry: "Hugh, you remind me of my old driving instructor after he's had a couple."

Hugh Laurie: "A couple what?"

Stephen Fry: "Very serious car accidents."