Friday, September 11, 2009

You know, funding cuts to the CBC isn't a bad idea ...

... if it would inspire the CBC to drop the execrable Mary Hynes and that ridiculous paean to overwhelming stupidity and illogic, the radio program "Tapestry." Driving around town yesterday and the eight or so minutes that I caught with Hynes and author Anne Rice pretty much doing one another on air, praising religious ignorance and taking ill-informed and offensive swipes at atheism was enough to make me think that you could replace that program with an hour of Ron Popeil hocking the Pocket Fisherman and it would represent a step up, morally and intellectually.

What utter crap.

THE CRAPPERIFIC CRAPALICIOUSNESS: Oh, joy, here's what's coming down the drainpipe this Sunday:

But rather than trying to prove that God is nothing more than a human invention, [author Robert] Wright puts forward this startling thought. Maybe our evolving ideas about God show that we are slowly learning more about the real nature of the Divine.

Maybe what we believe is an illusion – but it’s possibly a divinely inspired illusion.

Or maybe, just maybe, our ideas about "God" keep changing as we continually, you know, learn shit and constantly realize that what we believed before is idiotic nonsense but we're not grown-up enough to walk away from the burning stupid.

And my tax dollars are paying for that? Where do I complain?


sooey said...

You should start a blog!

David Webb said...

You think that's bad? On Wed. morning, Ontario Morning had a long interview with a numerologist. On and on he went about 9-9-9 and every other number ever conceived. And god. And how he crushes sceptics with his numberation.

Numerology. Really.

I look forward to Wei Chen's interview with the Fairie Queene, the guy who runs the unicorn farm in Belmont, and that bearded guy on the corner who scream incoherently at passing clouds.

Maybe there should be cutbacks on stupidity.

Jason said...

Robert Wright is a "moral interventionist" who inserts himself in order to get the "2 sides talking". Naturally, he has no qualifications in the physical sciences, but ever the good nannie he knows that a spoonful of sugary nonsense helps the medicine go down.

philosoraptor said...

For years I've been wholly unimpressed by the shittastic garbage that is produced by that show. Last weekend I had to force myself to listen to Anne Rice make a bright and shining ass of herself. It was painful, myopic nonsense.

philosoraptor said...

By the way, the David above is different from the David at the top. Just to clear things up.

Typically I post under philosoraptor, but Google sign in uses my account name. Oh well.

David Webb said...

Damn. I was going to piggyback on your your clear and clever thinking until you had to go and blow it for me. Of course, that would mean you get associated with my asstastic drivel, so it's not really win/win.

We all have the same hands, but we come from different mums.

Ti-Guy said...

From CBC:

Tapestry is a weekly exploration of spirituality, religion and the search for meaning.

How dare they? Shriek!

Scream all you want, heathens. If spirituality and mysticism can't find a place in public discourse, it settles down in superstition, the occult, religious fundamentalism and pseudo-science.

Metro said...

Ti, the theory's good but the practice is bloody awful.

If the program treats "the occult, religious fundamentalism and pseudo-science" as legitimate topics and fails to bring in a rational point of view, then it's just pandering.

KEvron said...

"If spirituality and mysticism can't find a place in public discourse, it settles down in superstition, the occult, religious fundamentalism and pseudo-science."

they inhabit both positions already.

KEvron, of the unreligious left

Ti-Guy said...

Ti, the theory's good but the practice is bloody awful.

Listen to Ideas with Paul Kennedy. It's much better.

The only way we'll ever be able to stop this is to put a huge wall between Canada and the Land of religious wackos, new age buffoons, ADHD-afflicted techno-exuberants, the administrative high priesthood (ie. people with Masters of Whatever Administration) and the media complexes who make a mint off this garbage.

Unknown said...

ADHD-afflicted techno-exuberants

Hey! I am NOT exuberant and I'm halfway technologically illterate! :p

Unknown said...

all in all, a small price to pay for As It Happens