Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Now I'm just being cruel.

If I enjoy pointing out how the New York Times "Blogrunner" service keeps linking to us here at CC HQ:

does that make me a bad person? (Link.)


Sparky said...

yes it does
but keep going with it because sooner or later, some guy is going to have to leave his own little nexus and engage the world as it is--not as he perceives it to be.
When that wall o' reality comes crashing down around his head...
Well, you've blogged about that in the past.

1eyedpecker said...

"Bad person"... NO,... not necessarily.

Vain? ... Yes, sadly.

Stop telling us who is listening to you - ... try to give us a little more content to keep listening!

Sparky said...

I'll also note that he's pulled back to his own little nexus after getting his ass handed to him on so many occasions recently in various comment threads in this here 'blogosphere'.
Maybe he's actually taking the time to become more learned with regards to what he wishes to yip about.
Then again, maybe not.

Rev.Paperboy said...

having had his nose rubbed in it so many times, maybe Patsy's schnozz has been ground down to a tiny nub.

Q: If Patsy has no nose, how does he smell?

A:Like Cheetos and stale urine, same as always