Thursday, September 24, 2009

Really, Adrian? No way! Get outta town!

Shorter imminent courtroom pinata Adrian "Raphael Alexander" MacNair: "Have you heard about this Abousfian Abdelrazik thing? Here, let me mindlessly reproduce almost the entire article so I sound smart. And like I care."

P.S. It's fun watching Adrian suddenly feigning concern, given that he still considers Canadians to fall into two categories: real Canadians and, well, you know:

But although my wife and her parents are Canadian citizens, it’s clear who is the real Canadian citizen, and who are “Canadian citizens”. Perhaps this will help my detractors understand why I put quotations around some citizens of this country. Or perhaps not.

Canada: Where your Canadian passport doesn't necessarily get you past the Adrian MacNair purity test.


Unknown said...

You know, in February he wasn't so concerned. How did he put it?

"Amazing how much energies are spent on these “Canadians”. Why, “Abdellah” is as Canadian as Maple Syrup, of course. Vaira, Omar, Bashir, Abdihakim, and Abousfian are also very important Canadians."

Anonymous said...

Don't forget his Nazi past and his german mommy who spends half her time in India...