Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Slow news day ...

... at Dumbass Central.

, while there really is a recent issue of some import, democracy-wise -- the notion that a federal judiciary should be beholden to the governing party -- Stephen "Captain Democracy" Taylor is curiously silent on the matter. How odd. It's almost like he sees no problem with that.

Nah, that can't be right. That would be just idiotic.


Romantic Heretic said...

Eh, the revolutionaries masquerading as conservatives have never cared much for the rule of law despite their loud protestations about it.

Anonymous said...

Stephen "Captain Democracy" Taylor believes in democracy, only if you agree with him. If not, then you are a Taliban sympathizer... that sounds about right.

Ti-Guy said...


Life imitates art. In this case, an episode from South Park, wherein the Atheist Alliance International and The International Alliance of Atheists come to blows over this year's Richards Dawkins Award recipient and anti-rationalist, Bill Maher.

I'm sorry, heathens...I just find this funny.

Unknown said...

What kind of retard thinks Cherry Beach is in downtown Toronto?
Oh, right... Stephen Taylor.


Ti-Guy said...

I think he knows full well he's just saying that to get the rubes pumped up about the latest meme: "The Liberal Party of Toronto." And not just the more suburban parts of it, but the full, earthy, loamy, heartland of Toronto...the downtown. If has to go so far as to include Cherry Beach, so be it.

These people are cartoons.

Metro said...

No they're not. Cartoons are funny. These people are stretching to be pathetic. They can't really believe their own stupidities, can they?