Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Free speech!

Blogging Tory and Free Speech Warrior Paul E. Marek wants you to know what you can do with your worthless, treasonous, cowardly opinion.

This has been another Blogging Tory Free Speech Warrior moment.


thwap said...

Seeing as how i told that fucking moron to shut the hell up on dawg's blog, i figure he's got a right to screech it on his stupid blog.

8 years of failure and the piece of shit is saying he'll never surrender.

That's the whole fucking problem with that doofus!!! He can't admit a mistake.

sooey said...

It's sad how certain words (resolve comes to mind) are ruined for decent people thanks to Bush and his partisans.

thebanana said...

Wow, he is published on the Internet!!! Golly.

thwap said...

Precious! I just checked the link where he got that garbage and it was Terry Glavin!!!

I asked Terry FIVE TIMES in one day what his response was to the allegations of child-raping Afghan security forces. The cowardly, ranting hypocrite deleted my question all five times.

That's right Terry, "you'll never give up" being a total moron.

Ti-Guy said...

Well, heavens to Betsy, it's about time someone noticed it's that tedious...what is he again, a poet?...Terry Glavin in one of his usual flourishes that men his age and of his type are required to indulge in to get the juices flowing. He goes on and on and on about the dialect that is required to communicate how vital it is for Canada to remain in Afghanistan, all the while avoiding using the word "jingoism."

He's so clever.

Rev.Paperboy said...

"we have no reason to doubt the resolve of the Afghan people"

au contraire, Monsieur Bonehead