Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sure, let's talk about civility.

You can start. In other news, we on the Left sometimes leave disagreeable comments on other peoples' blogs. Yeah, that kind of evens out.

SPEAKING OF CIVILITY ... um, this should make you nervous. Should we take any bets on whether a single one of Canada's Blogging Tories suggests that, OK, maybe things are getting just a wee bit out of hand?

I'm guessing Mr. Democracy Stephen Taylor will be unavailable for comment.

I'm guessing "Neo Conservative" can't wait to blog about another dead darkie.


sooey said...

White Republican Americans are beyond absurd these days. I wonder if they had a referendum on segregation if blacks would vote for it...

Backseat Blogger said...

what's the matter cc? you're post makes it out that a little bat shit crazy loonytuneness is a BAD thing. :)

thwap said...

Jeeziz, what a bunch of self-pitying, deluded fuckwads!

I believe what that idiot from newsmax is going to have for himself will resemble the Beerhall Putsch.