Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sure, Stephen, let's talk about the economy.

Canada's "Captain Democracy" Stephen Taylor fluffingly and lovingly reports on the adventures of his BFF Stephen Harper:

Nothing is more important than the Canadian economy

That's a nice philosophy. In fact, off the top of my head, I can think of how Stephen the Corpulent could have saved us, oh, millions of dollars down the road:

Abdelrazik sues Canada for $27-million

And assuming Abousfian Abdelrazik gets only half of what he's suing for, one wonders what could have been done with $13 million. Oh, look:

Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl said that an unexpected fire in another native community meant having to replace the school at a cost of $13 million” (Toronto Star)

Wow. So you can build a whole new school in a native community for $13 million. That is some missed opportunity there, wouldn't you say, Mr. Taylor? But feel free to keep lecturing us on the topic of good economic stewardship. We need the chuckles.

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Metro said...

Oh that's nothing. Their vaunted GST-so-what-if-there's-a-recession-coming-down-the-pipe?-This-is-ideology-we're-talking-here cut cost them the entire surplus left to the country by the "previous Liberal government" as they like to say.

Mind you, credit where credit's due: Look at all the money we saved with Harper's prorogation of Parliament, right? That's $300 million in "waste" right there.

And thank the FSM he's willing to break his own law on principle and save us another $300 million by not letting us have the election he promised us next month.

Shame he didn't come up with that one a last year about this time.