Saturday, September 19, 2009


Our Afghani MP in waiting.


Anonymous said...

I don't really agree with Impolitical on this one.

It sounds too much like political spin exonerating the Liberals.

Why would anyone want Chris Alexander as a star candidate is beyond me.
You'd think that the former Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan would of had the common sense to say long ago "fuck it, this mission is useless, we should go home because it's a money sucking pit"...
Instead, he's part of the machine that props up Warlords, drug runners, corruption machine and women oppressors... Maybe that's why the Liberals wanted him?

Why the Connies want him is easy enough to see.

Calling him a "prized catch" just underlines why we should mock "our" politicians for being such idiots in the first place. I know he's been called an authority on Afghanistan, and that only demonstrates that he's out of touch with the realities there. More troops? You'd think he's trying to create a Vietnam instead of seeing and acknowledging facts.

If Canada really wants to make a difference in Afghanistan, go talk to Gwen Dyer...

Lindsay Stewart said...

I'm with cwtf on this one. Trying to squeak out from under Iggy's expatriot in residence status doesn't quite follow when the other guy was out of the country... as our friggin' ambassador and then as a UN embassador.

The other side of the thing is that it really doesn't smell right that we should poo-poo his candidacy for the Con jobbers because of nyaa nyaa, right after being told that the Liberals were trying to court him too. The standards, they are double. And having Googled the guy, he doesn't look like much of a catch anyway. Ah, the Canadian electoral autumn, you can smell the cringing tang of the partisan blossoms blending with the heady musk of stupid.

More stupid ads, c'mon dammit, spend them barbecue dollars, get out the battle cardigans, let's rumble!


CC said...

Yes, in retrospect, I'll give you guys that one. The rest of Impol's piece is, I think, fair -- I don't see this as a monstrously big loss for the Liberals. I figure this is just someone being offered up to be steamrolled in that riding by Mark Holland. Whoop-de-doo.

sooey said...

Mark Holland has a bit of a Rick Astley thing going on, don't you think?

Although, I kind of like Rick Astley.

Okay. I take it back. He has more of "Upside-down-face Kid" thing going on.

But seriously, never look too closely at individual candidates for any Party. It'll just freak you out. Acid or no acid.