Friday, September 18, 2009


Go. Read. Then pop in and say "Hi" to Eric. Don't try to educate him, though -- we're pretty sure that won't go anywhere.


JJ said...

I've got a better idea for assrocket: instead of "conservatives committing themselves to victory" how about if they stop acting like demented children who've had their blankies taken away from them and commit themselves to regaining some of their lost credibility by actually being the loyal opposition party, the party that holds government's feet to the fire and debates policy in a rational, civil manner? This is, after all, the role the majority chose for them.

What a squandered opportunity this year has been for the GOP.

Lindsay Stewart said...

i agree on all almost every point jj, except the squalling infants have managed to steer the government's agenda with none of that sticky mandate stuff to impede them. the progressive dems have rolled over, the president has waffled, sputtered and failed to direct his agenda while the non-progressive dems (read the majority of elected democrats) and repiglickins are right were they want to be, rolling in insurance donations and big-pharma graft.

JJ said...

Sad but true, psa. Sad but true.