Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You know you've arrived ...

... when you become part of the course curriculum.

Thanks a lot, Janke, you tool. As one can read from that piece of mine from 2007, I had a bit of fun taking some of Janke's dimwit commenters to task for, well, being dimwits. You know, for not understanding the concepts of "pro bono" or "computer-generated." And yet, if you visit the relevant post of the eJankulator today ... what's this? "Comments: 0."

Fuck you, Steve Janke. Fuck you and that whole worthless pack of lying douchebags, the Blogging Tories, who have made entire careers out of running around and deleting and scrubbing and sanitizing to get rid of their embarrassing traces on the Intertoobz. Those comments were an educational part of the Bloggysphere -- you know, the part that shows how right whingers are morons. And now they're all gone.

I'm sure you'll blame the technology.



KEvron said...

i remember that incident. jankeoff's mock concern is more profound than the real stuff. he showed them do-gooders, though, didn't he?


Ti-Guy said...

Why is this a case study for a computer sciences course? Wouldn't it be better suited for a course on abnormal psychology? Or are computer sciences engineers finally waking up to a rather uncomfortable fact with respect to some of their peers?


philosoraptor said...

It does look a bit out of place in a web design course. Nevertheless, case studies in stupidity need only be tangentially related, and these are case studies *involving* the web in some way. Thumbs up.

ps: Just to be clear, I'm not the David who appears to be the professor for the course.


liberal supporter said...

I always thought the BTs' content was mainly Lorem ipsum. Only intended to illustrate stylistic elements. You're not supposed to actually read it!

Handyman said...

I am the David who is the professor for the course.

Teaching and learning pure web design mechanics is boring. I think it is very important to learn what context to use those mechanics in. Truly useful website design involves knowing what you are going to say, how you are going to say it, and who you are going to say it to. I want my students to become good net citizens: to not only be able to spot lies, ignorance, and unethical behaviour, but to not indulge in it themselves.

The 'case studies' I present are just starting points for discussion. I intend to start each lecture off with a new case study. My class has just under 100 students, and I want to provoke lively discussion rather than snores. The 'Tea Party' case study illustrated pure deceit (and how to counter it); the Gaydar project illustrated how tenuous Internet privacy really is; and the Camp Okutta case study illustrated - how can I put this nicely? - ethically questionable behaviour.

I try to word the case studies with some degree of objectivity - I would prefer my students to form their own opinions as part of the lecture discussion.

I'm disappointed I didn't get those pages years ago. Some of the comments I remember from the original article were truly appalling.

Next week I'll discuss the Dog Shit Girl to illustrate Internet vigilantism. I am open to other ideas - please end them along.

Thanks for the shout-out.

philosoraptor said...

Handyman (David),

As my reply was rather tongue in cheek I should probably say - sincerely this time - that it's good to see someone adding intellectual and ethical depth to a course that could very easily be taught as a practical skillset and nothing more.

As a scientist/engineer, I only wish that more of my professors had bothered to do the same in their courses.

This Is Me Posting said...

Can you Google cache the comments?

Balbulican said...

This is a great example of why so may of the "Me-dom of Speech" blog set keep preaching the imminent replacement of the MSM by "Citizen Journalists", and why that will never happen. No accountability, no consequences, no editorial review, and no oversight.

MgS said...

If you wander over to, you'll find they do the same thing - especially if you challenge their neo-Christianist BS with something useful ... like evidence.

Ti-Guy said...

Wanke: Ethically-challenged bucket-head.

Rev.Paperboy said...

"the Blogging Tories, who have made entire careers out of running around and deleting and scrubbing and sanitizing to get rid of their embarrassing traces on the Intertoobz"

Bullshit! If they were getting rid of all the embarassing traces on the intertoobz, there wouldn't be any Blogging Tories