Saturday, September 19, 2009

The retarded mullet strikes again.

Normally, I prefer to keep my name out of my own blog posts, but this is a special occasion as we find pathological liar Patrick Ross deep in the throes of "CC Derangement Syndrome" in a recent post of his:

Patrick goes on about what a terrible, horrible, troop-hating sleazebag I am at some length, carefully concealing from his readership that the post he refers to -- this one -- was in fact written not by me but by my co-blogger "M@", someone with serious chops when it comes to pontificating on matters military, and someone whose opinion carries more than a little heft in such areas.

I'm guessing subtle distinctions like that don't much interest Patrick. They never have.


KEvron said...

he gets off on saying your name. it is a good one.



liberal supporter said...

I'm glad PR still supports the war. We do need more recruits. Those lefties are too stupid and get themselves killed, like that coward the other day. Since we know PR still reads this blog, we can presume he's reading this thread, so I'll just remind him of the address in case he "forgot":

Edmonton CF Recruiting Office
#110 9700 - 101 ave.
Canada Place Building.
PH: 495 3002

KEvron said...

wouldn't his pilonidal cyst make him 4f?


Ti-Guy said...

wouldn't his pilonidal cyst make him 4f?

I don't know. But his personality disorder most certainly would.

Jon Pertwee said...

do they make uniforms in his size?

LuLu said...


Why are we back to poking the retard?

Frank Frink said...

He won't go because he would have to lose the mullet.

Sheesh, people. It's that simple.

wv = "quingena." Another reason Twatsy won't enlist. Might pick up a nasty case of quingena in one of those foreign outposts.

CC said...


We're poking the retard because this is such a magnificent example of Patrick's jaw-dropping dishonesty. We're used to his perpetual ignorance and stupidity (Montebello protestors, "no deficit") and so on. But, really, the thought of him spending an entire blog post calling me out on something I never even wrote -- seriously, that's a keeper.

And the best part of it is, he's now aware of his monumental fuck-up, yet you won't find any trace of apology, correction or retraction in that post anywhere. If you want to see his grudging admission of dishonesty, you need to descend into the comments section. But on the post itself -- nothing. Not a hint that he's being a blatant liar from beginning to end.

It's truly a watershed moment in Canadian wingnut blogging.