Friday, September 18, 2009

You keep using that phrase "free speech" ...


If the outright moderation doesn't kill you, the selective siteowner editing will. Free speech warriors, indeed.


Ti-Guy said...

Actually, Dawg does that as well.

I would never edit anyone's words except for the obvious trolls, which I would gleefully and with great relish re-interpret to at least make the spirit of what they're doing more amusing to the rest of us. Kind of like "the shorter," although more immediate and without anyone needing to read the original idiocy in the first place.

Marie Ève said...

Really, Ti-Guy? Do you have proof of this claim?

So, when you are behaving in a trollish manner, how should blogsite owners respond to your comments?

Anonymous said...

So, when you are behaving in a trollish manner, how should blogsite owners respond to your comments?
Ti-Guy a troll? Hardly.

But if you disagree with him, mocking is always good.

Ti-Guy said...

I see there's at least one lurker here, (on the blog that uses the C-word no less) that surprises me.

I'm not inviting a trivial debate Marie-Ève and I don't really have the time to go looking through Haloscan comments (which aren't easily searchable) to come up with examples. but I do remember him once over-correcting something I had written in German. That was actually funny.

Anyway, the form of language means little me. It's the meaning that counts.

liberal supporter said...

The idea behind allowing site owner edits is supposed to mirror the Letters to the Editor page of newspapers which should edit solely for clarity and brevity. At least it appears that haloscan notes the edit occurred.

I think the blogger system is more transparent, since you can't change a comment, only delete or double-delete.

Ti-Guy a troll? Hardly.
Everybody's a troll in somebody's eyes.

Meanwhile, "neo" is busy trying to kick start the flagging interest in his blog with talk of being professionally stalked...

Ti-Guy said...

Everybody's a troll in somebody's eyes.

By definition, a troll is someone who is not dialoguing in good faith.

All Conservatives, bloggers and commenters are, by definition, trolls. I don't think a single one of them knows what "good faith" means, or even cares. It think that's what "Conservatism" has come to mean. The absence of good faith.

CC said...


Heh, that's pretty funny, since it was in fact "Neo" who was behind the first attempt to out me some time back before Stephen Taylor learned of what he was doing and gave him a private spanking for it.

And now he's whining about being stalked? Jeebus, but the irony is amusing.

liberal supporter said...

He seems very happy to have visitors today, since Ti-Guy showed up too. He's so beside himself he forgot to delete my comment!
I could pull a hunter and claim he missed me or something, since I haven't commented at his place since July 3.
Considering my 2 1/2 month absence there, he could have picked a better canned response than "thus commences LS daily bombing of the comment threads here".

He's probably feeling paranoid waking up to the sound of guns lately. Then he remembers it's duck hunting season in his area now.

Ti-Guy said...

since Ti-Guy showed up too.

That's your fault. I couldn't resist finding out who was stalking him, and then, couldn't resist commenting.

I have no will power.

KEvron said...

"Really, Ti-Guy? Do you have proof of this claim?"

dawg does bowdlerize. it's a silly practice.


sooey said...

My webmaster does that sometimes. But only for cheep laff porpoises. Unfortunately, he's a rightwing psychotic addicted to puns.

I don't allow comments on my blog because my commenters all end up being one obsessive nutcase. Although, sometimes I can't account for my absence from commenting on other blogs, so...