Thursday, September 24, 2009

Somehow, the word "dumbass" doesn't do this justice.

Sweet Jebus on a pogo stick, you have to see it to believe it:

Yes, BB, in the context of Twitter, "" denotes an unabashed adoration of all things Libyan.

How do these people even put on their panties the right way round in the morning?


Naked Ape said...

My comment is still 'awaiting moderation' so who knows if it will ever show up there.
I tried to resist the urge but I had to post the following:
Wow, put the bong down dude.

Your fantastical notions about having to pay Libia to use tinyurl references are very nearly the dumbest thing I have heard anyone say online, and I have been on the intertubes since they were in black and white.

Here is a handy tip, take two weeks off from blogging to read up on a few things, and then give it up altogether.


CC said...

Wow ... a wingnut who makes an ass of himself, then immediately goes into comment moderation mode.

I'm shocked.

Sparky said...

two commetns that'll never see the light 'o day--
This is my understanding
BB states that AZ is anti-semitic. He comes to this conclusion based on a twitter post using Twitter’s default shortened link–
“In this case, Antonia Zerbisias has lets her antisemitism hang out for all to see in her recent twitter the old tried and true dual loyalty canard.

i know nothing about twitter but i do know top level country codes. *.ly is libyan.”

So AZ is antisemitic ’cause there’s a “” in a tweet.

And when called on this completely ludicrous claim, BB’s all “what are you guys taking issues with??”–

“That anyone would even think that i believe in conspiracy theories of any type make me feel dirty. yuck, double yuck.

i was simply pointing out the fact the .ly is the top level domain for libya. if a company wishes to use the .ly tld then it must pay the thugs masquerading as the Libyan government for the privelege.

Pardon me for being sensitive that i find supporting such a monstrous regime even in so indirect a fashion off putting to say the least.”

Shorter BB–”I based my accusation of calling AZ an anti-semite on the idea that Twitter must be paying the libyan gov’t money to use the suffix .ly and that you guys should feel the same ’cause those libyans are icky!”

Did I get that about right?

Okay then…

Here’s somthing that I just dug up from these here internets thingies—
Hollywood Jews hit back at protest of Toronto Film Fest
in which we read that a whole bunch of ‘Hollywood ews’ used Twitter to convey a message.
And it looks like all the tweets have ‘’ for links.
Hmmmm… Jews using…
According to BB–all anti-semitic.
K, moving on….

liberal supporter said...

Probably BB is just pissed that he's only getting $7 a share instead of $10 for his Verenex shares.

To add insult to injury, twitter's contribution of $75/year bought 11 of those shares.

Sparky said...

Well, colour me surprised--they were published.
But that brings up the next issue, and I'm seriously going to have to stop commenting at 'these places' because words, sentence construction and meaning means whatever they want it to mean on a given minute.
BB's reply to my comments--
"Sparky: you might want to go back and reread the post. There is no connection between Ms Zerbisias and twitter/.ly tld."
Then what the hell was the post about to begin with? I mean, there's 4 sentences there. It's really hard to misconstrue meaning and intent in 4 sentences (unless you're Patrick Ross)...
I have no idea how any of you can actually put up with hitting your heads against these walls over and over and over again.
How do you even begin a rational debate when they can't even keep what they wrote straight?
I need a vacation.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm pretty sure I know why BB was kicked off the BT's. He's nutz. And kind of unsavoury...

Backseat Blogger said...

well, well. cc. I DO have comment moderation on. The shock! the horror of it all. My place, my rules. But i didn't turn comment moderation on. It's always been like that. Short of a comment that's commpletely off topic I think that i'd approve just about any comment. That is certainly the case regarding the post in question. Shame on u dudes who 'assumed' that their comments would never see the light of day. you obviously don't know me very well.

oh.. and ti-guy... i'm unsavoury, am i? do tell. preferably with examples. i'd love to hear what u think is unsavoury. I really would.

Metro said...

They don't put their panties on in the morning, they just bunch them up.