Thursday, September 17, 2009

Helena Guergis: Blowing a little dope of her own.

Curiously, The Star is all about the weepy trauma:

Ex-Tory MP shaken by cocaine arrest

Drug and drunk driving charges 'devastating' for Rahim Jaffer and his cabinet minister wife

Well, yes, I'm sure it is, and the way The Star ledes that piece, I'm suddenly feeling sorry for the both of them. But here's the part with awesome entertainment value:

Jaffer, 37, was arrested shortly before 1 a.m. Friday after police say they spotted a grey Ford Escape speeding north through Palgrave, a village north of Brampton.

And if there is a God, he will have been doing more than 50 km/h over the limit, which officially makes it street racing, of whose savage and brutal crackdown we are told is one of the "accomplishments" of the Harperistas (at least until Sandy retardedly moves that list again and breaks all the links).

And I'm pretty sure this is going to hurt, too.

RUH ROH: I wonder if this is going to cause any problems:

[Jaffer] was born in Kampala, Uganda, and immigrated to Edmonton as a boy.

So that would make him one of those "Canadians of convenience," as Blogging Tory Adrian "Raphael Alexander" MacNair would put it. Perhaps, if Jaffer is convicted, we can revoke his citizenship, another strategy that Adrian seems comfortable with when it comes to naturalized Canadians who end up as convicted felons:

My sentence would be life imprisonment, revoked citizenship or immigration papers, followed by deportation when he gets out in 30-40 years.

I'm guessing Adrian is going to get all contexty and morally relativistic here. It's kind of what he does.

HEH. One gets visitors:


Unknown said...

This post has my vote for headline of the year. Hands down. :)

thebanana said...

I can hardly wait for the blogging tories to get their talking points.

CC said...

MB: I wish I could take credit for the headline, but it already has a history.