Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Red Sweater Vests, Go!

Interesting how the more partisan a writer becomes, the less credible they can stand to be. There's no mystery that impolitical is a favourite of this site. Her writing tends to be razor sharp, smart and on point. That is until the party politics start to ramp up and then it becomes jazz hands and rapid blinking. Regarding the Liberal's ham-fisted blundering in Quebec...

A point on Coderre's move today, resigning as "Quebec lieutenant."

The vestige of a provincial "lieutenant" with untold power seems to be an antiquated holdover from days gone by.

Scare quotes! Who'd a thunk it? And anyway I never liked you that much anyway and now I got a new BFF so, like, whatever. I am so over you, keh. C'mon guys we don't need this loser.


Ti-Guy said...

I never liked Denis Coderre. I don't know anyone who did.

Lindsay Stewart said...

The Liberals did. Until they didn't. Not that it matters, it will still seem, and be portrayed as, a slap in the face of the Quebec wing of the party. That's really the last place the Libs should be playing at internecine warfare.

Looks a bit like this:

"Hey, you ran over my pet poodle."

"Um, well, yeah... but so what. Nobody likes poodles anyway."

Mmm, I love the smell of tone-deaf in the morning.

James Bow said...

Except that it was Coderre that resigned, making it look a lot like "I'm taking my marbles and I'm going hooome!"

Anonymous said...

Except that it was Coderre that resigned
When the Leader of the party bitch slaps you in public (because of his own flip-flop), not much of a choice there.

Coderre is an idiot, that much is obvious, but Iggy (and the TO team) were backing him.

Looks bad on ALL of them.

Lindsay Stewart said...

also looked a lot like iggy made a promise and reneged on it. if his own regional officers can't take him at his word, why the hell should the public? considering what a slimy lot of retrograde snivellers the conservatives are, a liberal alternative should look a lot nicer than it does right now. yet they seem to be back on their heels and spinning at all times, regardles of the wealth of ammo supplied by creepy little swine like the unfuckable jason kenney, the munchkin of finance, mr and mrs cokie guergis, limousine oda.

jeeziz, it isn't like you need to mount a smear campaign, all you do is put the cons on display in their natural habitat, the ethical gutters. well, that and stay out of the gutters themselves. frankly, i don't trust the libs to manage it.

Ti-Guy said...

Except that it was Coderre that resigned, making it look a lot like "I'm taking my marbles and I'm going hooome!"

We'll have to see whether the punditocracy goes with "sour grapes" or "slaps in the face." An emerging theme this morning is the "The Liberal Party of Toronto," which is another direction that shows promise.

I shall watch with mounting excitement as various commentators swallow and regurgitate, undigested, any one of these tropes.

vw: "spermoti" Ew.

deBeauxOs said...

Strange how the practice of having provincial lieutenants suddenly becomes an "antiquated holdover from days gone by" until someone emerges as a reign-maker in one of the provinces and everything old will be new and shiny again.

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

As far as I'm concerned, if Iggy got Coderre to resign, that's a plus for Iggy in my book. Coderre's the guy that wanted to make carrying citizenship papers mandatory in the wake of 9/11... if he's out that's a good thing.

Lindsay Stewart said...

yeah and iggy would have taken us into iraq. these are politicians we're talking about so it all comes down to varying shades of brown and trying not to step in them.

liberal supporter said...

iggy would have taken us into iraq
I would have too at the time, knowing only what was available to someone not in government, as Iggy was at the time. Chretien based his decision on the confidential briefing papers (or lack thereof) from GWB. I suspect Iggy would have made a similar decision to Chretien, given the same information.

Ti-Guy said...

yeah and iggy would have taken us into iraq.

...And he'd by gone by now if he had managed to somehow do what a Liberal PM wouldn't. Yet, the one who was in Parliament at the time and who would have taken us into Iraq is more popular than ever.

The problem isn't the Liberals. The problem is Canadians.

Lindsay Stewart said...

"The problem isn't the Liberals. The problem is politicians."


hmm. well knowing what i did at the time as a non-politician, i was shocked that anyone bought the steaming heaps of shit being doled out by the bush league. there was never any real question that the iraq fiasco was based on trumped up, artificial evidence. i guess its a good thing you weren't in charge back then lib supporter. and as ti-guy notes, it is a shame that the credulous twit harper has been allowed any modicum of power. he'd have sent the nation's kids off to die in a happy heartbeat, he was so eager to believe.

liberal supporter said...

i guess its a good thing you weren't in charge back then lib supporter.
Get off your high horse. Perhaps you had the clairvoyance to know, just know, that all the evidence was bogus, but many of us did not.

I thought I was pretty clear that my view was based on what we were told at the time. Had I been in charge, I would have read all the materials available to a PM, just as Chretien did.

Actually I know I was clear above, but it seems everyone is a "neo" wannabe today.

The biggest problem in Iraq, as in Afghanistan, was the sheer incompetence of the bush league bushies (and harperites) involved. That is the reason for caution in going to war, the unintended consequences and the possibility of rapid deterioration.

Lindsay Stewart said...

sorry lib sup, i'm no clairvoyant but i am deeply suspicious of war mongers. i believed there was cause to go into afghanistan. that mission made sense to me, there was evidence presented that the perpetrators of 9/11 were operating out of there with the backing of the taliban regime. we knew who bin laden was/is and we knew that the terrorists were almost all saudi nationals. there were no credible connections made between iraq and the 9/11 bad guys. none. hussein and bin laden were not friends, even by 'your enemy is my enemy' standards.

more than a decade after every visible military asset in iraq had been smart bombed to shit by the overwhelming force of the coalition in gulf war 1, there were no weapons of mass destruction. more than a decade of crushing sanctions, embargoes and constant no fly zone patrols had made damn sure that there was no opportunity to resupply or to re-arm. hussein had no air force. he had no infantry. he had no navy. he had no missiles and represented no threat.

the only moment that one might have had an inkling of suspicion was when colin powell whored his credibility in front of the united nations. but hans blix wasn't convinced. and a great many other people were also unconvinced. what was proposed and enacted was a war of aggression, a war of choice. i'm not on a high horse, hell, there were hundreds of thousands of people around the world taking to the streets in protest. it wasn't exactly magical thinking to note that hussein was a toothless tiger.

you were lied to by people whom you should have been able to trust.

Ti-Guy said...

I thought I was pretty clear that my view was based on what we were told at the time.

What was clear at the time though, was that the neocons could not provide evidence to back up their claims. I decided, for that reason, that they were lying and I never side with liars. Never.

A brief passage in the Toronto Star some time later confirmed that the suspicions of the Chretien Liberals had also been aroused. A spokesman was quoted saying that when they asked the Americans to provide the evidence they had for the casus belli, all they would agree to do was provide PowerPoint presentations.

Apparently, Chretien was incensed at being treated like a fool and reportedly remarked "What do dey tink I ham? French?"