Monday, September 21, 2009

Your tax dollars at work being flushed down the toilet.

Fiscal conservatism in action:

Tories spend 5 times more on economy ads than H1N1 ads

OTTAWA -- The Conservative government is spending more than five times as many taxpayer dollars on promoting its economic plan as it is on raising public awareness about the flu pandemic.

Huh. They could have saved all that money and just sent out bodybags for the economy. We would have understood. But here's the bestest part:

All the ads direct viewers to a Tory-blue government web site that includes more than 40 different photos of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and refers repeatedly to "the Harper government" -- apparently in direct contravention of Treasury Board communications policy.

Yes, yes, we get it already -- deranged, self-obsessed, narcissistic sociopath. Seriously, we get it.

P.S. Rules and regulations? Those are for other people. You know ... Liberals.


Cameron Campbell said...



Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, over at BT HQ:

"Hey Stephen Taylor, should we bash the Liberals for misusing $30 million in ad money 15 years ago?"


Ti-Guy said...

I caught one of these ads on teevee over the weekend. It was followed by one the Conservative Party attack ads.

What synergy. And I'm paying for it!

You know, if the fucking rules were enforced, this stuff would stop. I seriously don't understand what's happening in this goddamn government.

Cameron Campbell said...

ti-guy those are rules that were thought up by liberals... they dont' apply.