Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kinda saw that coming.

Fomenting anti-government sentiment, whipping the masses into a frenzy, suggesting that the census is simply a prelude to internment camps ... what could possibly go wrong?

Oh, that.

I blame the Liberals.


Sparky said...

better watch it, cc--Patrick may think you're using someone's death to score political points--and that wouldn't be respectable to the dead person!
At least, according to Patrick.

liberal supporter said...

No, this is the prelude to internment camps.

Cliff said...

Thanks for the link. Yeah the American righties are already bleating that this isn't their fault in any way shape or form - even though they've been drooling with well publicized hatred for anything associated with the federal government and promoting violent extremist populism.

When G. Gordon Liddy said on his radio show 'Remember folks government agents wear bullet proof vests. Always aim for the head.' He was on the extremist fringe, now he'd be right at home in the modern Republican party.

Anonymous said...

I want to be a Conservative Re-education Camp Instructor! Where do I sign up?

Metro said...

Forget it Doc, most of them aren't educable. If they were, they'd be liberals.

I can't think of any ethical use for them, though, so we might as well try to teach the pigs to sing.