Monday, September 21, 2009

The stupid is almost indescribable.

Behold, the retarditude:

Ignore the delightfully convenient lack of falsifiability, in which Maria "Dodo" Nunes suggests that birther lawyer Orly Taitz is such a whackjob, maybe -- just maybe -- she's an Obama plant.

The funnier part is where gibbering airhead Camille Paglia is described as "a darling of the Leftist media." Sorry, Maria, but I'm with Molly Ivins on this.

I'm waiting for the day when someone on the Blogging Tory roll accuses Maria of being a CC HQ plant because, really, no one could be that moronic, and we're just doing it to make them all look like cementheads.


Cameron Campbell said...

"Camille Paglia" darling of the leftist media?

Dear god, it's "let the nuts run the asylum night" is it?

sooey said...

What leftist media?

But I wonder if Camille Paglia still teaches that course on Madonna (Ciccone, not the other Madonna).

KEvron said...

"maybe -- just maybe -- she's an Obama plant."

now, that's my kind of hatter!


Cameron Campbell said...

I've sat in women's studies classes, that bastion of lefty leftiness and listened to a detailed, academic takedown of Pagglia that made me almost feel sorry for her.

I've also read articles about her where the journalist got balance from the other side and, once again, I almost felt sorry for Pagglia.


Calling her a darling of anything on the left is a sign of total delusion and disconnect from reality.

Most of the time she's treated as a better educated, not as terrifying Coulter.

Ti-Guy said...

Calling her a darling of anything on the left is a sign of total delusion and disconnect from reality.

Well, that's the US for you. Left and Right really don't mean things like public health care or smaller governments or aid to people with disabilities or...well, something else the Right stands for...

The discussion of Left and Right in the US is an entirely elite activity, none of whose members really has any stake in how it plays out for the majority of the people. They don't need to soil their beautiful minds with such pedestrian concerns, after all.

There was a brief period of time when Paglia seemed to be reacting mostly to the noxious post-structuralism that so distorted academic feminism (and the humanities in general), but that didn't seem to last long. Possibly because she really is nutz.

sooey said...

I she just didn't get enough attention from being a lesbian on the Left, so she switched to being a lesbian on the Right.

She's probably not even a lesbian.

Cameron Campbell said...

Her big critique can be boiled down to "women are different and face different personal security issues than men and thus the entirety of feminist scholarship is refuted".

liberal supporter said...

She always reminds me of Joan "can we talk?" Rivers.


Unknown said...

Some priceless retardation from "Dodo":

Anonymous said...

DODO mines academia to "critique" "leftism" - comes up with Hegel and Paglia, leaving no stone unturned.