Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shorter Adrian MacNair: Poor people amuse me.

Continuing to impersonate a complete horse's ass, Blogging Tory Adrian "Raphael Alexander" MacNair wrings a little entertainment value out of poking fun at the less fortunate, leading things off with this pic:

That would be the photo that drove the Rightard Douchebag-o-sphere crazy with rage, "Oh, man, people who use soup kitchens have cell phones, how poor can they be, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!," apparently unaware that numerous people who live in homeless shelters might have a very cheap or subsidized cell phone plan to keep in touch with the shelter to learn of short-term day labour work at which they can make a few dollars, but let's not let reality intrude in such an ugly way since it would take some of the fun out of mocking the less well-heeled. I'd go on but Salon's Alex Koppelman has already kicked the crap out of Adrian and similarly-minded ignorant, pompous cretins.

Besides, I'm sure some of those poor people have funny names and darker skin, and we already know what Adrian thinks of those parasites.

. Commenter "dymphna" is totally down with Adrian's slapping around the poor. Oh, wait ... what's this?

Since the economy tanked and my husband became unemployed, we’re learning to make do on savings (I’m disabled). We have regular fund drives — blegs — to pay for connectivity and the costs of keeping up the blog. So far so good.

I stumbled into your discussion by accident but since it speaks so well to what we think about and discuss in our new “old times” living, I want to put a post up with a link to your story. If my energy holds up, anyway.

BTW, I’m pleased to say that our Canadian readers have been generous.

Huh. How about that? Apparently, all those self-sufficient, personally responsible whingers are all about sucking it up and looking after yourself, until things go south for them. Then they can't start begging for help fast enough.

How ... curious.


Raphael Alexander said...

I AM one of those "less fortunate" there, chuckles. But I still have high speed internet.

By the way, feel free to find your own topics to write about any time.

CC said...

I'm sorry if it seems like I'm picking on you, Adrian. When i want to write about something, I normally just follow the stench of racism and stupidity. Is it my fault that I so often end up at your doorstep?

By the way, Adrian, I'm amused that you consider $60K/yr "less fortunate." You don't really know that many truly poor people, do you? That kind of explains your lack of compassion.

Bismark said...

This is old news — I think Malkin posted about this quite a while back.

Bismark said...

Oh, and as if it needed to be expanded on, the reason Malkin posted about this was to slag poor people because they’re worthless, shiftless, immoral skivers (as proven by their having cellphones, apparently).

Well, if Mr. Alexander (or whatever his name is) wants to get a taste of what poverty feels like, I suggest he go hang out in a local welfare office for several hours and just get a taste of what really "less fortunate" people experience.

I could tell you stories... But quite frankly, I'd be more interested to hear about how Mr. Alexander McWhatever is "less fortunate" in his estimation.

So there's a bit of a challenge if anyone what's to pick up the baton of pursuing the matter.

I'd be most interested to hear what privations the fictional "Mr. Alexander" as endured to qualifying him for the title of "less fortunate"...

Unknown said...

You know how much a phone from Koodo costs me? $17 a month, taxes and all the rest included. Those on welfare and the working poor can actually afford that just as well as a land line (which in the case of welfare means they have to take it out of their food budget...I've been there). It's a necessity if you want to find work, and doesn't tie you down to remaining at home at all times. And you know what? ALL the phones out there now have cameras built in. It's standard, even on the cheap ones.

Seriously, Adrian the Asshole doesn't know shit about being poor, if this is anything to go by.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry if it seems like I'm picking on you, Adrian. When i want to write about something, I normally just follow the stench of racism and stupidity. Is it my fault that I so often end up at your doorstep?


CC, you are awesome. I love you.

sooey said...

It has become such a standard policy for the New Conservative government to absolve itself of responsibility by laying blame on other Canadians that its adherents feel free to behave unconscionably.

JJ said...

LOL, Ti-Guy's comment over there:

"Canada is now subsidising the derelicts from Gates of Vienna?

When did we become a dumping ground for indigent proto-fascists?"