Friday, September 25, 2009

Well, aren't WE all just high and mighty?

Shorter Stephen Harper Party of Canada: "Stupid professors with all their knowledge and learning and facts and everything."

P.S. There's a delightful hypocrisy in Canada's Cons denigrating academics while simultaneously never shutting the hell up about how Stephen Harper is an "economist" because he has a Master's degree in the subject.

Cognitive dissonance much?

: Stephen Harper: Economist!

DOUBLE BONUS: Following a link from Chet's place, we find the one sentence that lays bare exactly what this conflict is all about:

And in Dover, Pennsylvania, during one of these many controversies, a pastor named Ray Mummert delivers the line that both ends our tour and, in every real sense, sums it up:

"We've been attacked," he says, "by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture."

Words fail me.


Rev.Paperboy said...

Typical conservative: "you and yer fancy book learin'! If'n yer so smart, why ain't you rich?"

They pride themselves on their lack of education, claiming to have gone "to school of hard knocks" or to have been "educated at the university of life" or relying on "their faith" to guide their decisions. The next time one of these idiots becomes seriously ill, I hope they consult a doctor who didn't bother wasting his time in "medical school"

Renee said...

I think the difference is that Harper is a BAD economist. That makes it OK to be qualified - you can be credentialed as long as you're not very good at your job.