Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hey, aren't you someone? No, but I used to be.

Apparently, even Kathy "Five Feet of Strap-On" Shaidle and Arnie "Six Feet of Ball Gag" Lemaire aren't enough to pull in the big names. And after that fiasco is over and the impressive attendance is announced, don't forget that those idiots can't count.


Balbulican said...

I remember the shots of the event that Shaidle spoke at a few months ago. It was a small theatre, but a good crowd...until you looked closely at the shots. Everyone in the audience seemed to seventy or older.

And I remembered working with a Conservative Party organizer several years ago, describing how he used to fill meetings by hauling busloads of senior citizens from retirement homes to them. The seniors got an outing and free sandwiches, and got to hear a speech: the candidate got a great, blurry backdrop of lots of people. Win-win.

bigcitylib said...

A couple of independent estimates put it at about 300, half what Shaidle and The Ez claimed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, aren't you someone? No, but I used to be.

On a side note, a friend pointed me towards the tweets of Jason Kenny.
Now I think the minister will have a problem adjusting to regular life once he's voted out (MinJK?)...

How did someone who appears to be functionally illiterate make it so far? His tweets are littered with spelling errors.

A few tweets are rather hilarious.
"RT @joeoliver1: Outpouring of gratitude for PM Harper, Tony Clement & Jason Kenney @ CARN celebration. Historic moment for Black community"
What kind of self-centered dildo re-tweets about himself? What's it called when you are your own fluffer? Delusional?

And this one:
An official Liberal blogger rants against the zionist conspiracy, and praises Ahmadinejad
If that is what he thinks, I guess we are safe to associate the racist rednecks, neo-nazis, dr roy and all the other idiots officially with the Conservative Party.

From now on, I'll consider anything by KKKate and the other morons, to be officially endorsed by the Conservatives...