Friday, September 18, 2009

And they're better looking, too.

Blogging Tory Eric channels Powerline's John Hindrocket in suggesting that conservatives have been anointed by God:

It's time for conservatives--mainstream Americans, in other words--to throw off the shackles and get aggressive. Our beliefs are correct, our values are the foundation of any society that doesn't have a death wish, and our interests, unlike those of the leftists, are legitimate. We deserve to govern this country, and before long, we will.

And if you're not convinced, those conservatives have a bullet with your name on it. It's kind of the way they handle dissension, if you hadn't noticed.

Biological evolution is a crock, too. Eric just wanted you to know that.


sooey said...

I guess what Mark Steyn doesn't realize is that most Rightwingers at least know they're insane.

Unknown said...

Seriously, that's some scary shit right there. Especially in light of stuff like this. That's what they've gotta deal with in the States, being powered by "we deserve to be in charge, and it's a personal insult that we're not, giving me the right to do whatever I want to those who stand in my way". And that's what people like Eric want for Canada.

Ti-Guy said...

Doesn't scare me. More eliminationist rhetoric from non-Conservatives, please.

Example: "Wouldn't be great if the CPC HQ exploded. I would laugh and laugh and laugh..."

Ti-Guy said...

By the way, I decided to actually read whatever was at the base of this latest bit of wingnut fascism and I discovered that it's a Blogging Tory quoting John Hinderacker quoting Mark Steyn quoting George Jonas (former husband of Barbara Amiel).

If only the virtual space were real space. In the presence of all those figures in close relation like that, the urge to pop open a vile of Anthrax would be irresistible.

thwap said...

It's always "opposite day" in conservative land.

Metro said...

Shorter schmuck: "Our values are the values of Somalia".

Maybe we can deport them all once we get those camps they keep talking about going.