Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Submitted without comment.

Someone's still after that job as Head Fluffer. We're not done here.

AFTERSNARK: I'm guessing that Captain Democracy Stephen Taylor might want to spend more time getting his story straight. As you can see in his soppy love missive to Stephen Harper, Taylor admits that some photos have gone bye-bye but defends those disappearances as perfectly normal.

On the other hand, we have a contradictory claim here:

"We have not removed any pictures of the PM," a Privy Council Office spokeswoman insisted late Monday.

A spokesman for the prime minister made the same assertion.

So which is it, Steve? Have some pics been removed but that sort of thing happens in the normal course of webby maintenance? Or should we go with the PCO's position that nothing's been taken down? Because, really, Steve, you can't have it both ways. You do understand that, right?

A suggestion, Steve: You might want to take a few minutes and figure out which talking point you're going with. Otherwise, you'll just end up looking like a buffoon.

And, no, we're still not done here.

: Impolitical draws attention to the very same howling inconsistency:

Fun, fun, fun with the PMO who ridiculously maintained the position that no changes had been made to the website but who have now gone silent in the face of evidence to the contrary having been presented to them:

Yeah, it's awkward when you can't figure out which lie to go with. And note how Impolitical yanks down Stephen Taylor's panties and gives him the appropriate public spanking as well for being such a useless hack.

As Impolitical says: fun, fun, fun.

: One of Taylor's loyal BT acolytes takes logic outside and beats it senseless with an axe handle:

Dear Canadian Press: Since your story about pictures of the PM being removed from a government website has proven to be totally false; ...

The hilarity therein is based on the fact that Ardvark is linking to Taylor, whose position is that pictures were removed, so why Ardsy is using Taylor for supporting evidence is a total puzzler. I'm guessing illiteracy has something to do with it.


sooey said...

I wonder if they track the lies on a flow chart?

pogge said...

you'll just end up looking like a buffoon

Pesonally I thought that vessel was already out on the high seas.

Anonymous said...

It's just like that time Harpsy couldn't see no Canadian flag. I put Ardsy's logic on par with Huntsy's and Dodo's.

Ardvark said...

You claim that Stephen Taylor says 'that pictures were removed' and you are questioning my literacy? Good one.

By the way that picture that Impolitical has up on his blog that he claims is missing and has been removed has been found.

Anonymous said...

I question your reading comprehension.
Where does Impolitical say the picture you found was missing?

Anonymous said...

Ardvark beats it senseless with an axe handle before resorting to comment deletion and moderation.

Southern Quebec said...

Like a true Conservative, when back into a corner, Arvida Ardvark has turned on comment moderation. WE WIN!

Ti-Guy said...

Serves you right. It was uncivil of all of you to point out all their lies, distortions distractions.

Gosh, that Wilson's a piece of work. Usually, the only people who lie as much as she does are criminals.

Anonymous said...

But then Ardsy deletes the fact he deleted! Superlimpwristed. Sheer lameness!Aaaaaw.

Anonymous said...

Quote of Day:

Ardsy, "Let's dumb it down".


liberal supporter said...

Gosh, that Wilson's a piece of work. Usually, the only people who lie as much as she does are criminals.
I think "wilson" is Cheryl Gallant. Always full of the CPC talking points and has the sneer down as only someone trained in endless caucus meetings can.

Or do you have a better candidate?

Anonymous said...

Well I was wondering where the rest of the caucus was today...? Where were East(ARISE THE PHOENIX)Eden and Marty and Joanne?

Ti-Guy said...

I think "wilson" is Cheryl Gallant.

They're *all* Cheryl Gallant. They all sound the same. Not a modicum of originality, real wit or even a distinctive writing style to help differentiate among them.