Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yo! Adrian!

Geez, Raph, would you like some cheese with that whine? Amusingly, Adrian's idea of a "malicious attack" is ... people annoying him with their comments.

Drama queen.

AFTERSNARK: There's a certain irony to listening to Canada's wanknuts blathering on and on about how, dadgummit, they are so going to stand tall and chisel-jawed and defend Canada against the evil, swarthy Islamojihadirastamuhammadans, then pissing themselves in terror because, well, someone left a comment they didn't like on their blog and would all you big meanies just stop it or you'll make the baby Jeebus and the wanknuts cry!

Democracy's latest danger: Improvised, explosive blog comments.


Ti-Guy said...

Yeah, from what I can tell, the attack just seems to be comments that embarrass him more than he does himself (frankly, I thought it was impossible for Raphe to experience embarrassment). I don't why he has to be so vague about it.

Anonymous said...

"I am currently undergoing a malicious attack from either one, or several individuals, who are trying to undermine my ability to control my own blog and my ability to deny commenting privileges for those who breach my rules of ettiquete here. In short, I’m infested with leftist trolls."

My goodness. What a tragedy.

Ti-Guy said...

One of the first to sign up is Sarah Maria Nooners (Dodo):

The reason they are after you, is very clear to all of us at Blogging Tories, and especially to those of us who are targeted on a daily basis. You know the reason and we know the reason, so enough said.

Indeed, 'nuff said. Mum's the word...a wink's a good as a nudge...say no more, say no more.

Metro said...

How would Hoho know she's been targeted by teh comments? She never lets any get close to that tender, deeply scarred and fissured psyche of hers.

"You know the reason and we know the reason ..."
Yeah, 'cause you're pathalogically mean and terminally stupid. That's it.

Honestly, it must tax her brain to try and focus her eyes.

She and anyone who claims to think like her are the blue-green algae blanket that's turning the political discourse pool into a lifeless swamp.

Unknown said...

"Leftist trolls" is equal to people who don't agree with Adrian, right? Just getting that straight.

Cripes, what a bitch. Does he go outside on a breezy day and whine about how the air is assaulting him?