Monday, September 28, 2009

Socialism for me, but not for thee.

Via West End Bob at TGB, we learn that some major opponents of health care reform down south are, well, conveniently selective in their condemnation of socialized medicine:

One is reminded of Republican Phil Gramm, who seems to have done nicely as well:

Gramm, the great crusader against government spending, has spent his entire life on the government tit. He was born at a military hospital, raised on his father’s Army pay, went to private school at Georgia Military Academy on military insurance after his father died, paid for his college tuition with same, got a National Defense Fellowship to graduate school, taught at a state-supported school, and made generous use of his Senate expense account.

One can only conclude that the same poor yobs who are demanding no taxpayer-funded health care, yet worship people like Dick Armey, are some of the dumbest human beings to ever evolve opposable thumbs.

And I'm being charitable.

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dveej said...

Wait...have you actually SEEN their alleged opposable thumbs?