Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well, come on, I mean, like, really!

As a short followup to an earlier post, Captain Democracy Stephen "Law and Order" Taylor addresses the rather obvious law-breaking of the Stephen Harper Party of Canada with their plastering of the phrase "Harper government" all over a publicly-funded, government website, and dismisses the numerous objections with his typical rigour and precision:

Finally, let’s consider what this is all about. The criticism is that Prime Minister is a partisan advertisement for the implementation of government policy. Isn’t this argument absurd?

Continued Taylor, "I mean, come on, like, get real! You must be kidding, like, are you serious, take a Valium and everything, Jesus, LOL ROTFL!! Man, some people!"

Taylor attempted to continue with his painstakingly methodical legal analysis, but the small group of journalists listening to him had already stabbed themselves to death with their ballpoint pens in order to end their misery.


thwap said...

It seemed to be very clearly in contravention of some very clear rules.

End of story Mr. Taylor.

Anonymous said...

I was scared by this:

"Please, Please be gentle"... WTF?

Ti-Guy said...

You're wasting your time, CC. Taylor's not paying attention...his gaze is focused on that thing in his crotch; his Blackberry, which is vibrating continuously with Tweets.

That's what Conservatives call sex.

Anonymous said...

That website is so philly cream cheesy
but it's got nothin' on Hannah Montana.