Thursday, September 17, 2009

Batshit. Freaking. Crazy.

Ah, the entertainment value.

P.S. How stupid a Blogging Tory do you have to be to still be agonizing over this issue? About this stupid.

Stephen Taylor must be so proud.

THAT'S GONNA LEAVE A MARK: By all means, read just the first page of the actual smackdown here. That is one seriously pissed-off judge.


Bismark said...

14 posts — 1 comment.

That's getting into "Nexus of Assholery" territory.

CC said...

What ... you mean her entire readership consists of one person named "mahmood?" Wouldn't surprise me.

Metro said...

The HRC's gonna have a beef with you over making fun of the desperately handicapped.

Seriously, I suspect Dodo can only get to her blogging machine while the orderlies are otherwise occupied--Changing her Depends or something similar.

WV = "unbedly" The implications are disturbing.

Bismark said...

"Blogging machine"... LOL