Wednesday, September 23, 2009


That Jeff Beck fella, he can sort of play the guitar but listen to Tal Wilkenfeld on the bass, her solo starting at about 1:15 is melodic and has enough flash to pop the crowd. Her tone is just superb as well. Now maybe its a function of my advancing years but she looks so young. And Beck looks like he's enjoying the hell out of her playing and presence. Poised, talented, young and lovely... there but by the grace of that set of criteria go I.


KEvron said...

she's brilliant. session chops. nice, sophisticated jazz that lends itself well to blues.

i hate her.


Lindsay Stewart said...

yeah, hard not to hate someone that delightful and talented.

KEvron said...

you forgot young.

god, how i hate her....

KEvron, hack

Frank Frink said...

Yeah, she's young. Very young. Maybe 23 or 24-years old.

And an effin' great player.

But it's not just the chops y'all have mentioned - which she does have in abundance. It's not just chops for the sake of having chops. There's a conversation going on there.

She's also got the feel, and that's the one thing that can't be taught.

Pick up this DVD for a lot more of that conversation.

(and speaking as a bass player - no, I don't hate her. Actually could listen to and/or watch her play all day and night. I'm just simply not worthy of changing her strings.)

Frank Frink said...

"nice, sophisticated jazz that lends itself well to blues."

KEvron, if you didn't know I'll just add that the song is actually a Stevie Wonder composition, originally written specifically for Beck as a thank you/tribute for his work on Stevie's 'Superstition' album.

Lindsay Stewart said...

yeah, no question frank, she has taste and feel aplenty. i don't generally go for flashy bass playing but its the feel makes it a ll work. i watched a pile of videos with her last night and somehow, playing on stages with cats like jeff frickin' beck, vinnie calliutta (however the hell you spell his name) and all these stellar players, legit legends, they all seem to be revolving around her playing. not only is she the hub but all these guys who were superstars before she was born are beaming with delight. sensation. that's the word for her.