Saturday, September 26, 2009

So how's that journalistic career going, Adrian?

Oh, my. What have we here?

Raphael Alexander: What the Liberals knew about Abousfian Abdelrazik

How ... curious. Even though Adrian's real name is now publicly available, the National Post ("Canada's National Litter Box Liner") continues to publish him under his former pseudonym. With no hint that it is a pseudonym, that's he's been served with a notice of libel, and nary a whiff of his entertaining and racist background.

Here's a thought -- I figure we might drop in at the Post and point some of this stuff out. After all, that's what comments sections are for, wouldn't you say?

: Behold, from the comments section there:

by welldoneson

We NEED laws to state that regardless whether a person is now a citizen of Canada, Canada will NOT be responsible if said citizen gets himself in a jam by going back to his country of origin. Look at the countries involved in these cases: Syria, Sudan, and Somalia.

Jesus Tapdancing Christ, people, if you want restitution get it from those countries - after all, you were born there and went back of your own free will.

If "welldoneson" is referring to Suaad Hagi Mohamud, I wonder if he's even aware that Mohamud is a native Somalian but that her troubles happened in Kenya. I'm guessing not. That would take a certain amount of awareness.


crf said...

What! Isn't Africa a country?

Raphael Alexander said...

Are you my new best friend? Or new best stalker? The NP has known for a long time who I am. Just because I don't share every little thing with you, don't get too upset.

CC said...

I'm sorry, Adrian -- I had no idea you were so touchy about people constantly reminding everyone of your real identity. Yeah, now that I think about it, that is pretty juvenile. I await your public condemnation of that sort of thing at your earliest possible convenience.

Ti-Guy said...

The NP has known for a long time who I am.

That's not the point. Of course they'd know who you were; they are liable for what appears in their publication.

It's the journalistic malpractice of not informing their readers that they are publishing you under a pseudonym.

I suspect this is going to end badly, but since CanWest will soon be in bankruptcy hearings, I get the feeling the staff just don't care anymore. I had an email exchange a few days ago with one the prominent writers over there, and they definitely seem to be have come off the spool.

CC said...

Interesting, isn't it, Ti-Guy, how Adrian (like so many of his wanker ideological fellow travellers) insists on addressing an objection I never even made?

He knows that wasn't the point -- he's just playing dumb.

Ti-Guy said...

I don't really care. The real issue is the crappy news media publishing the entirely-unresearched drivel of solipsistic derelicts who don't/won't/can't read that concerns me.

That's always been my biggest complaint with Raphe; the ability he has to speak with authority on subjects he obviously, transparently knows nothing about.

Use to be, "conservatives" cared about authority; the credibility one acquires through education, experience, documented publishing record, peer review, etc. etc. Now, all you need is to be "politically incorrect" in a way they approve of.

CC said...

Stephen Taylor being a Senior Fellow at the Manning Centre for Building Democracy leaps to mind. Really, he's just the Canadian equivalent of Jonah Goldberg.

Southern Quebec said...

"...he's just playing dumb."

I don't think he's playing...

Ti-Guy said...

Really, he's just the Canadian equivalent of Jonah Goldberg.

I see him more as the Canadian equivalent of that other one at the NRO...the one with the hair...

...drawing a complete blank. Little help?

Taylor's too tentative, cowardly and intentionally humourless to be as grandiose and boldly stupid as Goldberg.

There is no Canadian equivalent of Jonah Goldberg. Even Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant and Jonathan Kay are more credible than he is. Not that that's much of an achievement...

sooey said...

Well, Americans have ten times the stupid, so it's not really a fair contest.

But I can't take Jonathan Kay seriously because whenever I see his headshot I just think of that scene in Psycho: "Please, mother!"

Ti-Guy said...

Well, Americans have ten times the stupid...

And each buffoon has his/her unique following to create the impenetrable buffer zone around them than does not allow common sense to creep in and permits these people to continue making a living.

If Jonathan Kay had written Liberal Fascism his career (such as it is) in Canada would be effectively over by now. It would never have survived the ridicule. That's one advantage of living in the country called "The Village."

Metro said...

"Look at the countries involved in these cases: Syria, Sudan, and Somalia."

Soooo ... we need to stop Canucks from travelling to countries beginnin with "S"?

Take THAT, Scotland, Switzerland, and South Africa!

WV = "filftis"
As in "That's some fair righteous filf, 'tis."

KEvron said...

there's no "s" in "burt bacharach".