Thursday, March 11, 2010


Shorter Vic Toews: "Your coke snorting is interfering with my philandering."


The Seer said...

Sex scandals are interesting when they involve liberals; not when they involve conservatives. This principle is well-known in the US.

Ti-Guy said...

Does every post have to be about the USA, Seer?

Until recently, sex scandals rarely made the news in Canada. It was only with the resurgence of the "family values" hypocrites that they became interesting. Even now, Vic Toews's disgrace (as PSA put it so delicately, involving 'mounting and inseminating' a much younger woman who was not this wife) never really caught fire with the public.

That's was explained by, I believe Antonia Zerbisias, who remarked a while ago that there's an unspoken agreement between Canadian politicians and the media: if the pols don't screw the reporters around, the latter won't go scrounging through their laundry hampers and underwear drawers.