Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Unspeakably asinine quote of the day.

Who else? Blogging Tory Brenda/"Hunter":

We don't need 308 MP's going to Ottawa to argue about this bill or that.

One begins to sympathize with Brenda's long-suffering MP:

Don’t worry too much, my MP wanted me to stop blogging because it might reflect back on him, ...

I can't imagine why.


CK said...

oh oh, that Hunter is mathematically, isn't she??

She is saying that Federal Conservatives should only pay attention in Alberta. Hunter's suggestion inadvertently helps us though...if Harpercons only paid attention to Alberta and ignored the 2 key battleground provinces, Ontario and Quebec, They will never get that majority.

I would elaborate further, but I'll be late for work and being docked even 15 mins of pay just ain't worth it. Have a great day!

MgS said...

Apparently "Hunter" failed what little civics is taught in our schools.