Monday, March 08, 2010

The unbearable inconvenience of dissenting viewpoints.

The ubiquitous MaryT writes what everyone else is Wankerville is merely thinking:

We need an election to get rid of most of the opposition, non party status for the libs would be nice.

Can the phrase "internment camps" be long in coming?

SPEAKING OF MARYT, anyone remember this little gem? Yeah, that was MaryT, making sure everyone knew she doesn't much care for those faggy little faggots. Unsurprisingly, all evidence of MaryT's douchebagitude has long since been chucked down the memory hole.

Luckily, we here at CC HQ remember.


Greg said...

Can the phrase "internment camps" be long in coming?

The other popular choices among Conservatives are, "relocation camps" and "reeducation facilities".

Dr.Dawg said...

What a sorry gang of fascists.

Re-education camps? Possibly. But mostly, they want us dead.

Sir Gallahad said...

The famous Mary T

Anyone ever notice all that loser ever does is post filth all over the internet all fucking day long.

I personally think its Neo conservative in drag.

Poor neo gets lonely.

People just drop in on his blog to have a laugh.

He gets lonely, so he puts on his Mary T dress, and posts all what he/she considers to be wit and witicism all over the net.

To the point though yes they are dangerous fascists.

ThinkingManNeil said...

Well, seeing how the cons regard progressives, freethinkers, atheists, liberals, women, gays, lesbians, transgendereds, blacks, latinos, asians, muslims, aboriginals, the poor, the sick, the disabled, intellectuals, scientists, environmentalists, people who don't fall in fawning, smarmy adoration at the feet of Reichsfuhrer Steve and almost anyone else who isn't rich, white, and male as "untermenschen" her eliminationist rhetoric comes as no surprise.


Sir Gallahad said...


Forgot the aliens and the martians.

Steve also wants to be in control,
of the whole fucking universe.

Ti-Guy said...

Anyone ever notice all that loser ever does is post filth all over the internet all fucking day long.

Brian Lemon knows who MaryT is.

I'd pay cash money to have her outed. Just to find out just who the hell these types of people are. They fascinate me.

Sir Gallahad said...

I actually don't find amything fascinating about them.

I find them disgusting and down right revolting.

I also find them insane and dangerous.

Mary T is one of the biggest fucking assholes on the net.

CC said...

I'm not convinced she's that much more hideous than folks like "Neo Conservative", "Hunter", SUZANNE or a host of others. Personally, I think Joanne of "Blue Like You" is the vilest and most nauseatingly reprehensible blogger in Idiotville.

Joanne's shtick is to distort, misrepresent and lie on every conceivable topic, but to do it politely and civilly, so that when you finally snap after months of her douchebaggery, she smugly criticizes you for not being able to hold a civil conversation, then bans you. She is the worst kind of useless hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Heil Harper!
Sieg Heil!
Heil Harper!
Sieg Heil!
Heil Harper!
Sieg Heil!
Heil Harper!
Sieg Heil!

Sir Gallahad said...

On reflection that whole damn crew of BT's are a useless sack of shit.

Vile, filthy, racist, homo-phobe, etc you get the picture.

Janke, Taylor, are two of the biggset pricks Canada has ever produced.

That whole crew of fuck heads hasn't got one bloody brain between them.

Neo (who I still think is Mary T)
bans me all the time, when I dare to point out his utter and complete lies, and insanity.

Fucking useless the whole damn bunch of them.

Ti-Guy said...

I actually don't find amything fascinating about them.

What can I say? I'm intrigued by human evil. I spent two years studying in Germany (and minored in German in undergrad) for that reason alone.

I figured out the Germans. But these "fellow" Canadians remain a complete mystery.

Sir Gallahad said...


I take your point.

I guess they are fascinating in the perverted sense.

I think there ticking time bombs.

One of these days one of them is going to explode.

CK said...

But mostly, they want us dead.

Dawg, after that particular commenter over at my place, I couldn't agree with you more.

Our existance is just more reality than they can stand

Moon Rattled said...

Why doesn't Mary T move to Wasilla, Texas already. Because she'd have to pay a private health insurer $15,000 a year and live with an annual $5,000 deductible. And her property taxes would be higher.

The stupid faux libertarian bitch may whines constantly about how Canada is too liberal, but she'd never give up the benefits.

CK said...

Moon Rattled: Wasilla is in Alaska, unless there is also a Wasilla, Texas as well.

However, you're bang on about them not wanting to give up services

After the Danny Williams debacle, many were whining about him saying that our health care system was good enough for all, but not good enough for him.

All the neo-con commenters and many BTs were feverishly blogging to whine about how they had no choices regarding health care.

When I pointed out to them that they indeed had access to private for profit clinics (and I gave them names too of those places in their towns!). I basically told them to channel that whining energy to researching the yellow pages or google for private for profit clinics. Then, I dared them to cut their Gov't provincial health insurance cards. None, of course, would take me up on it.

Moon Rattled said...

Danny, I know where Wasilla is, but enjoy combining it with Texas because the two represent the worst of Republican America.

Metro said...

@Moon Rattled:
Well actually, she'd probably hop across the border for some of that socialistic health care, don'chaknow?

It appears to have been good enough for Frau Palin

Metro said...

Oops, wrong link