Monday, March 08, 2010

This is what straying off the reservation looks like.

Uh oh ... I'm guessing that when Blogging Tory "moose and squirrel" shows up at BT get-togethers, there's going to be some awkward silence because of this.

BUT ... BUT ... BUT ... THE LIBRULS!!! Oh, look ... an adorable new wanking point in that comments section:

We are in Afghanistan simply because of our NATO commitment.
It is the pound of flesh we must pay for American protection.
I’m sure the troops know that and are just trying to make the best of a bad situation.
We’d have fewer casualties if Paul Martin hadn’t dithered while all of the safest assignments were taken by more decisive countries.

So even though the Harperjugend explicitly extended Canada's mission in Afghanistan, it's Paul Martin's fault. And that Georgian luger who died at the Vancouver Olympics? Yeah, that was Martin, too. He's such a prick.

ALLRIGHTY, THEN: That comments section really is the gift that keeps on giving:

After 9-11 the USA should have went in and leveled the islamic portion of the ME. They didn’t ,and that is why we are there. They could end it tomorrow, all they have do is make iran a sheet of glass. The only thing these followers of the evil allah understand is brute force, we do have it, and we should use it.

islam is not compatible with democracy and freedom, it can’t coexist in civilized countries.

"MaryT" would feel right at home.


Rev.Paperboy said...

Yeah, and maybe in the civilized western countries that exterminated 70 million Iranians, we could make the surviving muslims wear yellow cresent moon armbands and eventually send them to camps where hard work will set them free...

Holy jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, what rock do the Blogging Tories find these people under?

Lindsay Stewart said...

their evil is the good evil. when they advocate mass murder it is for the healing benefits of slaughter. because that's the way you discern the difference between the evil that is civilized and the other stuff.

Ti-Guy said...

Who cares what a bunch of incoherent fat-ass Conservatives sitting at their keyboards think? I just loved that video...watching all those whiny Marines pitching hissy fits about how "undisciplined" everyone is. They never seem to realise how much foreigners, especially those without teevee, find those little spectacles hilariously entertaining.

That "Honey Pot" thing is a fucking genocidal maniac. I hope CSIS is doing something useful for a change and keeping an eye on people like that.

The Seer said...

Australians are in Afghanistan to pay their pound of flesh for American protection. For Americans, protecting Australia is an option. The US entered World War I, not to mention World War II, because Americans were afraid the British would fuck that up too and try to buy their independence by giving Canada to the Germans. Nobody in 1917 America wanted German infantry on the longest undefended border in the world. Still don't. You've got to come up with some other reason for Canada's involvement in Afghanistan. Unless, of course, you're Ann Coulter, who believes that's why Canada got involved in the war in Vietnam.

Ti-Guy said...

*rolls eyes*


PeBo said...

Well, ya know, I have to agree with the problem of religion - which is dictatorial control, and democracy, which is governance by the people (ok best case scenario only) being able to play nice and get along.

But the problem is as apparent with Chri$tianity or religions like Capitalism. They are as imcompatible as Islam is.

It's just when your deity du jour says "Don't Frakkin' Kill Each Other, I mean it!!", speaking of turning entire countries into radioactive glass seems to me to be a bit contradictory.

It's been my experience that mythological characters like Jehova or Alah or Pinnocchio are not evil, but the folks who follow them nearly always are.

It's why Ghandi has never been called a "prophet". Who the hell wants a pacifist for a representative of the gods!?!? Any popular savior has to have an underlying layer of bloolust in his heart.

Whips and thorned crowns and railroad spikes driven through hands and that's what I call some good old fashioned religious purity. Makes me want to shout Hallelujah or Alah Akhbar (they're so wonderfully interchangeable)