Sunday, March 14, 2010

So ... how's that "white supremacy" thing working out for you?

Oh, dear ... not so well, I see:

Edmonton shooting suspect a racist: co-workers

Co-workers say the alleged gunman in a fatal shooting at an Edmonton car dealership on Friday was recently suspended for making racial comments.

Police say a man with a gun walked into Great West Chrysler near Stony Plain Road and 178th Street at about 7:50 a.m. MT and started shooting.

It's believed he shot and killed one man, shot and wounded another and then turned the gun on himself.

Sources have identified the shooter as Dave Burns, 55, an employee who was recently suspended for making racial comments.

Co-workers say he didn't get along well with visible minorities, and some went as far as to describe him as a white supremacist.

"Didn't get along well with visible minorities?" Huh. I'm thinking that there's a Canadian blogging aggregator at which he'd feel right at home.


fern hill said...

And a discussion board.

Moon Rattled said...

"This was a guy who snapped for no apparent reason. It was not like he was a monster," said Corey Kruchkowski.

The swastika tats mean't NUFFINK. NUFFINK, I TELL YOU.