Saturday, March 06, 2010

Johnny's Freakin' Camaro.

Inspired by my years of living down south.


: Identifying the following artist is left as an exercise for the reader.

OMFG! The whole David Wilcox album online. I recommend "East Asheville Hardware" and "Roadside Art." Oh, hell, they're all good.


PeBo said...

Let's just say that the bonus track is by CK (and not Calvin Klein).

Like to be the first response, but hate to screw it up for everyone else, so that gives me the best of both. Good Tunes.

Justin said...

Firefox gives the answer in the "transferring data from..." bar.

CC said...

Well, crap, that kind of sucks the fun out of it, doesn't it?

PeBo said...

Firefox gives the answer in the "transferring data from..." bar.

And I bet you copied the answers to exams from the person sitting next to you!?

No, not that one, the one on your left - your OTHER left, ya her, in the red sweater. She looks smart.

Gube said...

Sorry CC, but I prefer Canada's David Wilcox.
*dances away to Hypnotizin' Boogie*

sooey said...

I met him once. He said I was pretty. Top that, CC.

CC said...

I met John Baird once. He said I was pretty.

I win.

chris said...

Not the David Wilcox I was expecting. I'm with Gube.

Gotta go dig out those old cassettes.

chris said...

Not that this isn't also good, CC. I just got lost in ancient history for a minute.