Friday, March 12, 2010

In which I fear for the safety of my new kitteh.

Blogging Tory "Springer" doesn't much care for getting spanked in public, and proceeds to go all Google Analyticy and stalky:


I see you finally made it around to slagging me.

I simply follow the stench of stupid, Springer, old man ... I guess ending up on your doorstep was just a matter of time.

Curiosity led me to backtrack a while ago (darned Google Analytics, eh?), see what you're all about.

And in return, I can safely say that I didn't return the favour because, well, I really don't give a crap who you are, Springy. I read, I mock, I move on. I'm a big fan of simplicity and time management. But do tell ... whatever did you discover, all decked out in your deerstalker cap and everything?

Not surprisingly, clearly not a helluva lot.

I'm sorry to disappoint. I'll try to do better next time. Are we done here? Apparently not:

Indeed, if one left out all the slandering of Blogging Tories, along with the remarkably shallow use of vulgarity...

Probably not enough letters left to make a half decent alphabet soup out of, ya think?

Just sayin'...

Yea, dear ... as a member of the Blogging Tories, you feel free to lecture the rest of on civility and decorum. Really, this should be good. Can't wait. Parting thoughts, Springy?

BTW, no need to post anonymously on my blog. Share who you really are with us, sport.

In the first place, as regular readers here at CC HQ are well aware, I rarely participate in discussions at other blogs. But if I did, rest assured I would not (as is an ugly habit with some right-wing Canadian bloggers) do it anonymously or under another identity. If I leave a comment, I make it clear it's from me, thank you very much.

Oh, and about "sharing" with you, well, here's a thought, Springy. You're a bright boy, what with your Googly Analytics and all. You get to work and, in time, I'll just bet you can figure out all sorts of nifty and neat-o things about me. Maybe my name, where I live, that sort of thing. And then you can announce that victoriously at your place, and see what kind of reaction you get. No, really, if you're well and truly determined and you put your mind to it, who knows what you'll discover? By God, you'll be an absolute hero in the Canadian Dumbass-o-sphere, a veritable god among retards.

In the meantime, I'll make sure my new kitteh isn't allowed to run loose at night, and I'll check regularly for suspicious footprints in the bushes outside my window. Does that sound about right, Springer, old chap?

Thanks for stopping by. Drop in again sometime, but leave the creepy implications of stalking at home. They just make you sound, well, creepy.

, Springer, if you end up skulking around my place while I'm not home, I'm not worried -- CC HQ is in good hands:

Just so you know.


Anonymous said...


I assumed you would know how Analytics works. Essentially, it gives me a list of "referrals" from other websites by way of links to mine. About 135 of 'em yesterday, FWIW. Not enough, though, to put you on my Christmas card list.

Stalking you? Yeah, right. C'mon, sport, lighten up. I have a life, too, eh?

Spanked? Thanks for starting my day off with some humor.

Anyway, just to let you know that I know.

Chasman said...

Let me get this straight. Stringer claims to know that CC knows that Stringer knows that CC didn't know what Stringer knew?

I like kittehs!

Sir Gallahad said...

Springer is a card carrying member of those "flogging bories"

Intelligence is not one of their strong points.

Ethics, morals, and basic human decency don't rate too highly either.

Cute kitty!!

Ti-Guy said...

Don't even bother. Springer's one of these types who sticks to a point like a dog to a bone. I imagine he's one of these people whose eyes glaze over and become slightly crossed just before he charges full steam ahead when faced with an actual argument.

Y'know...a "Conservative."

Cameron Campbell said...

Springer is telling you how Google analytics works...

how priceless.

So, to review, he looks into you via it, discovers nothing, assumes he's done a good job and knows about you and then is so thick he doesn't get that you're mocking him.

Based mostly on the fact that he missed the bit about, you know, the whole computer consultancy thing..

like I said, priceless

CC said...

I hate it when my mocking is lost on the mockee.

The Seer said...

Now I get it. Not just this post, the whole blog.

Cats play with their pray before they eat it. None of this coop de grace shit.

CC is a bad cat in a human body.

KEvron said...

is his mama fucked yet?


Dr.Dawg said...

Don't ask me why, but I took on the bleating Patsy over there. Classic: I beat him up--twice--and he moved directly into "You're unworthy of me" mode. Made my day.