Monday, March 01, 2010

The (impending) assholishness of Stephen Harper.

With the resumption of Parliamentary hilarity just around the corner, let's predict how much of a total dick Stephen Harper will be. How arrogant will he be? How contemptuous? How hypocritical? Will he try to abolish public funding for political parties as he did in 2008, a move which backfired in a spectacular manner? Maybe he'll just bash out a worthless throne speech, give Michael Ignatieff the finger and prorogue Parliament again. Who the hell knows?

Come on, let your imagination run wild -- nothing's too asinine or jaw-dropping to not imagine Stephen Harper actually trying it. The lines are open, and operators are standing by to not give a crap what you think.

: Former Harper communications director Kory Teneycke would be a total buttplug:

The government has so far refused to comply, risking being found in contempt of Parliament and potentially sparking a constitutional crisis. However, opposition parties are treading carefully, refusing to speculate on their next move should the government continue to thumb its nose at the will of Parliament.

Teneycke predicted the opposition will ultimately back down because Canadians "by and large do not care" about "a four-year-old story about Taliban prisoners."

Here's a suggestion, Kory, you greasy little weasel. You can either claim that no one gives a crap about Afghan detainees, or you can defend Stephen Harper's blatant contempt for Parliament in refusing to turn over documents related to that issue, thereby risking an actual constitutional crisis. You can't do both. Deal with it.

God, what an ass.


sooey said...

I predict non-New-Conservative Canadians will tire of the New Conservative Government of Canada telling us what we care about.

thwap said...

harper will refuse to hand over the documents, boycott the Afghanistan Committee meetings, accuse the opposition of obstructionism for not re-inserting his crime legislation for quick passage, and then, after a couple of weeks of trash-talk, fuck-head Flaherty will introduce a horrible and ridiculous excuse for a budget that will either force an election or humiliate the opposition as they gutlessly pass it.

Ti-Guy said...

What thwap said. That and "Conservatives will go up in the polls."

Cameron Campbell said...

"... by double digits."

jim said...

Drives up to the House in a 4x4 with a flamejob ... & an extra-large set of TruckNutz.

Announces that Parliament will now do its business exclusively online, as the building itself is about to be sold to an anonymous buyer from Dubai.

Gives away the password to his e-mail account at the end of the Throne Speech.

Appoints a kitten as the new Governor-General.

Oh shit - you're right. There truly is NOTHING that's beneath him.

He's Bush without the saving virtue of having a ranch full of sagebrush to clear.