Monday, March 15, 2010


Jesus Christ, what a whiny little runt:

What? I said "runt."

(Wag of the tail to Buckdog.)

P.S. I really hope Guergis goes through with her threat to sue. Because if she does, I'm guessing her next encounter with an Air Canada employee might go something like this:

I can dream, can't I?


The Seer said...

This is not another thread. It deals both with the Hon. Helen Guergis, the Irish bishops and His Holiness himself.


According to published reports, Iran bought these things "off the shelf" in China. We know why the Islamic Republic needs these things. Who would have guessed China has a market for these things?

China can still control the public discourse. The Islamic Republic cannot. Neither can poor Helen Guergis, the Irish bishops or His Holiness.

sooey said...

Bullshit. The expression "senior Conservatives" is meaningless. Jesus Christ that guy is SUCH a Party puppet.

Moon Rattled said...

My hope, my prayer, is that Harper keeps this hideous bitch on the payroll for awhile because he's stupid that way* and starts alienating his base.

* I'm thinking of Ritz and his "death by a thousand cold cuts" remark after a toddler died from Listeria. That asshole remains in the cabinet.